December 2013 Gift Guide: Christmas for Kids

This fun gift guide, is all about Kids, we have gathered lots of Gift ideas for Christmas from the help of our guest contributors! Our guest contributors have shared their top 6 favourite indie design & art online picks from both Australia and around the world on our Gift Guides. It’s not too late to shop indie for this Christmas! support your local makers and get something unique under the tree 🙂


Tess from Creative Women’s Circle shares her top 6 indie picks:
1. Toy Wooden Camera toy by Elephant and Bird
2. Chick print by Ubabub
3. Mountain Deer Holiday Leggings by Sweet Kiddo Co
4. Forever Balloons by Made By Mosey
5. Pattern Dice/Stacking blocks by Stampel
6. Tots Wooly Hobe Shoes by Hobes


Steph from Bondville shares her top 6 indie picks:
1. You Are My Sunshine wall hanging by Printspace
2. Mint honeycomb fancy by Poppies For Grace
3. 12 Spot pillowcase by Castle
4. Indiana blanket in Acid by Uimi
5. Alphabetical Sydney book by Antonia Pesenti and Hilary Bell
6. Jasper ride on by The Dudley Co.


Sarah from Little Fawn shares her top 6 indie picks:
1. Pink Splice Bean Bag by La de dah kids
2. Mr Leo print by Helen Dardick
3. Little bedside cloud by Flatout Frankie via Hello Polly
4. Super places smalltown Cushion cover by Supertrooper Studio
5. Little Wonders 3 piece set by Darling Clementine via Follow Store
6. Sunny life Ukulele via Shorties

Milk and Masuki
share their top 6 indie picks:
1. Puppet box by Tinyfolk
2. Wolf tee by Milk and Masuki
3. ABC poster by Supertrooperstudio
4. Constructable flash cards by Ozzilla
5. Cross bean bag by La de dah Kids
6. Hairy dachshund hug by Skimming stones

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