Featured Designer: The Home Collective


Fk chats to Emily of The Home Collective, a gorgeous mother and daughter homewares collaboration.

Tell us about your label The Home Collective and what the concept is behind it?
The Home Collective came to life in 2012 as a a ‘design collective’ rather than a label. My mother and I wanted to collaborate on a project whilst still adhering to our very different design aesthetics.

What is your background and how did you get started working with homewares?
I have a background in fashion and interior styling and my mother has a background in textile design/printmaking and colour/design. The desire to make use of our acquired knowledge and a mutual love of interiors, colour and style led to this new venture.



What inspires your work? and what keeps you motivated creatively? 

We find inspiration everywhere from fashion, architecture, old black and white movies, travelling, street art and vintage signage, just to name a few. Staying motivated is quite easy when there are so many other amazing designer/maker labels out there and you have such amazing customers who appreciate what you do!

What is your creative workspace like, and what inspires you about your surroundings?
The printing studio is hidden away behind a set of very heavy barn doors (from the original property) overlooking the garden, which is home to Rosellas, Cockatoos and Galahs. Luckily for me they are located a short stroll from the back door, so no more stress inducing car trips through Sydney traffic.



What challenges have you faced starting your own label, and what are some things you love about it?
Our biggest challenge has been staying in control because we do everything in house. We design, print and create all of our products then we style, photograph, package and market everything ourselves on top of designing and controlling our website, it can be a little overwhelming at times but well worth it as we love our label!

What new plans do you have for The Home Collective this year?
We are currently working on a range of kids bedding (which we will hopefully be launching later this year) with lounge wear and ceramics to follow. We would also love to collaborate with up and coming designers/ design students who may just be looking for a start in the industry.



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  • judith kogias says:

    Wow I absolutely love your new designs, the pinks and greens are divine and I would like to snap them up! You truly are wonderfully creative and clever.

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