Featured Designer: Nico Underwear


FK chats to Lis of unique & stylish, Brisbane based lingerie label Nico Underwear!

Tell us about your lovely label Nico Underwear and what the concept is behind it?
I started Nico Underwear with the intention of filling a gap in the lingerie market. There was a lot of the over-the-top-sexy and the boring-practical but not really much in between. Nico is unique, stylish and for girls with a strong sense of individuality. It’s like a different kind of sexy! We’ve just released our second collection ‘Bright’ which features vibrant colours interacting with graphic shapes – it’s fun but still essentially feminine.

What is your background and how did you get started working with Lingerie?
My background is in photography, particularly fashion photography, which I still do some work in today. I love photography but I think I was craving something with a bit more creative control and a chance to be a bit more expressive, which led me to start my own label. I think my photography background has had a big influence on my work with Nico and my design process is very much based around the visual aesthetic and visual communication.



What do you love about working with Lingerie? and what keeps you creatively motivated? 

Creativity for me is about problem solving and the challenge of creating some logic out of an infinite number of possibilities. I’ve found that no matter what I’m working on, I’m at my best creatively when I limit the parameters of what I have to work with which is why I love working with lingerie – there’s certain structures and shapes that have to be adhered to in order to be functional. The challenge of pushing boundaries and creating something new and unique within these limits is a great source of creative motivation.

What is your creative workspace like, and what inspires you about your surroundings?
I have a lovely little studio in my home in Brisbane’s West End. It’s a great space with beautiful natural light that can be calm and quiet or exciting and inspiring depending on what I’m in the mood for! West End is really the heart of Brisbane’s creative community and it’s important for me to be close to other creatives. Being a part of this supportive community has been crucial to the success of Nico in the early stages. It’s an exciting time in Brisbane with heaps of clever and creative projects getting off the ground.




What challenges have you faced starting your own label, and what are some things you love about it?
There are a lot of challenges when starting a label – it’s not exactly a stable career choice! In the beginning you’re often aiming for the day when you’ll finally ‘make it’. My lesson has been that it’s not about making it, it’s about enjoying the journey, and I do 🙂

What new plans do you have for Nico Underwear this year?
We’ll have a new collection coming out later this year – still in the early design stages now but I think it will be fun! The collection will be accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia in line with our commitment to ethical business practices. There’s also plans to release a classics collection of our favourites styles made from gorgeous fabrics for everyday wear in black and white. Keep an eye on our facebook page to keep up to date: www.facebook.com/nicounderwear.

For more of a insight into Nico Underwear feel free to check out our vimeo!




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