5 Favourites: Jen Booth

Jen Booth from Jen Booth Little Leather Lockets, shares her top 5 faves things at the moment.

5 favourite items I currently love: 

1. Harvest Workshop, melted icecream toiletry bags!!!!!!!!
2. Kim Russell jewels – Oh.My.God. I thought the heart bangle was the best thing I’ve ever worn. Now I’ve just seen the gold/paint half moon range!!!!!!!!
3. Georgia Perry Lady Love Print – Or really anything in her online shop!
4.  The baby pink Greg Hatton beatle track side table found via Kirra Jamison’s instagram!
5. Seb Brown necklaces! – I found them at Alice Euphemia and his colours and textures are mesmerising. My favourite is the pink, red, green and black beads.

5 favourite blogs I currently read: 

1. The Design Files – It’s so obvious, but I truly love Lucy’s eye for design. I have bought so much online purely from her showcasing it.
2. Intelligent Clashing – I go here once a month and it is a total treat!
3. Mociun – Not only does Mociun make stunning jewellery, (she also used to make great clothes) but her tumblr is something I visit each day and it is always a surprise what she posts. but to my surprise I always like it!
4. Georgia Perry… I know…again… but look at her tumblrrrrrrrrr
5. Instagram. It’s my new thing and I use it for visual stimulus more than anything else at the moment! Be careful who you follow though! I’m hijenbooth on it!

5 favourite places I like to visit:

1. Gnome Cafe is like Cheers but a cafe. Kai is Mister Barista. I pass 5 cafes just to get a coffee from Gnome on Crown St, Surry Hills each morning
2. Dagmar Rousset, Pet Shop Girls and Alice Euphemia are the three best reasons to visit Melbourne.
3. Sydney Ferries. Put me on a ferry to anywhere and I’m stoked. I mean, a boat instead of a bus? Count me in! Perfect partnership ferry+ Manly = trip to Beattie Lanser’s shop! Or what about Cockatoo Island!!!!
4. Koskela/ Kitchen by Mike/ Megan Morton’s School in Rosebery. I had the best trevally last time I was there! I could have one of everything at Koskela, those fluro lamps! And I couldn’t think of anything better than the basket weaving class at The School, and a Tic Toc bikkie with Megan.
5. The Australian Centre for Photography is a quiet little gem! On Oxford St, Paddington.

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