August Gift Guide 2012: Spring Fling

Our August Gift Guide is here! With Spring just around the corner, we thought it’s time to freshen things up this month with a little Spring theme! We asked guest contributors to share their top 6 favourite indie design items based around Spring, from both Australia and around the world. These are all special handmade pieces that could make a perfect gift for someone special or even something for yourself! Make sure you check out our other gift guides too!

Renee from EtsyAU shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Wooden Locked by So Little Time Co
2. Snugmagnets by Snug Studio
3. Small zippper pouch by Pamplemouss
4. Super Kinder Earings by Pannikin
5. Triangle handprinted cushion by Hello Milky
6. Doggie Print Leggings by Uptightso

Emily of Emily Green shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Pineapple Black Board by Everingham and Watson
2. Power Jump Artwork by Peaches and Keen
3. Melting Ice Cream Tote by Harvest Textiles
4. Navy Knit Print top by Monolog
5. Crispbread Drop Earrings by me, Emily Green!
6. Sunrise Ring by David Neale

Jen from Bluecaravan shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Tangram Necklace by a bird of play
2. Puzzling Pieces Coasters by idealiza
3. Chevron Cushions Apple & Pomegranate by Xaxier and Me
4. Rio Solid Striped bangle by RubyOlive
5. Macbook Sleeve Hand printed, blue felt by Ambrette
6. Anokhi Yellow & Red Cotton Robe by Be Still Homes

Jessica from Bespoke Zine shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Little Hoop Earrings by RMD Jewellery
2. Last One Celeste Dress by Alice Nightingale
3. Marble Resin Rings by Topaz Turtle
4. Vintage bunting Greeting Card by An April Idea
5. Porcelian Replica Vintage Milk Bottle by Urban Cartel
6. Fashion Illustration Art Print Tattoed by Matou en Peluche

Lillie from Good&Co shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. North Sea Shipping Line scarf by Good&Co
2. The Milk Jug (ceramic) by Seletti NZ
3. Recycled Crate stool by Mr & Mrs White
4. Diana Mini Camera by Lomography
5. Pot Luck Floor Cushion by Harvest Textiles
6. Cose Belt by Gorman

Dawn of Handmadelove shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Four Pack Greeting Card Set by Nancy Straughan
2. Picasso Cats Scarf by Leah Goren
3. Original Scandinavian Style 70s fabric handmade cat toy plush softie by Jane Foster
4. Ice Cream Pillowcase Set by Handmadelove, Dawn Tan
5. Breakfast Time Art print by Becca Stadtlander
6. Spot Fasett Vessels by Stamel Studio

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