5 favourites: Kelly White

Kelly White from The Storybook Rabbit, shares her top 5 fave things at the moment.

5 favourite items I currently love:

1. Emerald green clogs by Funkis – because i’m obsessed with swedish footwear, and they are the perfect shade of green!
2. Blythe doll dresses by me and cat – amazing detail on a tiny scale!
3. Jewellery and art by Kirbee Lawyer – particularly in love with my deer in a teacup brooch and the snappy tom print.
4. Cute laser cut jewellery by Sconnie and Jam’s – i love my bunny necklace.
5. Mustard Mavis sandals by The Horse footwear – always make shoes i have to buy, every season.

5 favourite blogs I currently read:

1. Trudy Florence  – a cute little blog by the very lovely Trudy, which makes me long to travel again, every time i read it.
2. House of humble – again a blog I like to check in on to see the happening around Bendigo and the humble house.
3. The Velvettes – a new zealand based vintage fashion blog by the lovely Georgia and Christie who have exceptional style and lots of luck with thrifting.
4. Camelias and Crinolines – great outfits sewn by Miss Camelia Crinoline herself from vintage and inspired patterns.
5. hey emmaline – because Emma’s a hilarious lady and I love her writing style. Plus you never know what the next blog will be about!

5 favourite places I like to visit:

1. Sydney Park – perfect for a sunny walk with the dog, riding bikes or having a drawing picnic and its only minutes from our house.
2. Big Brekky – our favourite cafe for breakfast on weekends. The berry ricotta pancakes and brioche french toast are to die for.
3. Dagmar Rousett (when in Melbourne) – just to drool over the amazing Ayame socks and local knitwear.
4. Outre Gallery, Sydney – stocks prints by some of my favourite artists, i love to go there and dream about what might end up on our walls next.
5. Salvos at Tempe – a huge space filled with SO MUCH second hand clothing and bric a brac. Never come home empty handed! (plus its right next to ikea! always a fun double trip).


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