Featured Designer: Red And Ruby

FK chats to fashion designer and mum Edwina, about her children’s wear label Red And Ruby 

Can you tell us about your super cute label, Red And Ruby?
Red And Ruby is a collection of fashion pieces for babies + toddlers inspired by current edgy fashion trends. It’s a bit rock’n’roll, super cute, unisex and totally ready to rumble around in.

What inspired you to start your own label?
It is the inspired brand by mum Edwina Lye who has worked in high end Australian fashion for 15 years and found clothing for her own baby boy a struggle to find. Red And Ruby leaves adults feeling jealous its pieces don’t come in their size.

Can you tell us about your background in high end fashion within Australia, and how that has shaped your brand?
My career has always been in high end fashion. In the past I have worked for like YPV, Pigsinspace, Tsubi [before the K] and left being part of a team to begin freelancing 7 years ago pattern making and designing. My client list varies week to week, but I have worked with Chronicles of Never, ksubi, Maurie+Eve, Therese Rawsthorne, Kirrily Johnston, Bec+Bridge, Elsom, Ginger+Smart, Dina Corporate, Deus, Self Titled, Milk From A Thistle, Strummer, Mrs Press, Camilla+Marc, Birthday Suit, Hotel Bondi, Josh Goot and many many more.

I guess it has shaped my kids brand through my experience, my fantastic contacts, and my translation of edgy trends to appeal to parents who wear that caliber of clothing to shop for their children or friend and families children….it’s amazing the number of adults who buy from us who say, I wish these came in my size.

What are your top ten favourite websites & blogs?





How do you balance being a mum with managing your label?
Elton my son is daily inspiration… my sizing range keeps growing as he does. Being self employed is the only way I could imagine being a mum…and a single mum full time as well. Raising a toddler on your own and living in Sydney is expensive, but I could not imagine having to go to a Monday to Friday job, and being there for 10 hours a day.

My business allows me the freedom to work when it suits me, work at night after my son is asleep if need be. I am able to keep up with makers and meetings during the day, while still doing loads of washing and getting to the gym… it’s wonderful, I feel it’s the only way I could achieve true balance, and still have quality time with my son. You can never get that time back.

What new things can we expect to see from Red And Ruby this year?
We are planning which markets we will be showcasing in this year, probably around 6 spaced across the year [keep an eye out on our blog]. Our online store is now open. And we are planning new and exciting pieces to add to our collection.


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