Featured Designer: Minnen

FK chats to the lovely Roz Campbell about launching her own label, Minnen and some of the highlights so far…

Can you describe your label to our readers
Minnen is my jewellery design business. It’s a one-man show, where I cut, sand, polish and weave my designs all from scratch, with the predominant material being timber. Oh and you can rejoice in the fact that I embrace a zero waste mentality, and that they still look great. My handmade wooden creations are about bringing together bold colours and geometric shapes to add a unique layer to your exterior.

Can you tell us your journey since you branched out from FOLD Studio with your own label and what the highlights have been so far?
After picking up some new stockists from the first Finders Keepers I did with FOLD, I needed to simplify things and go on a solo mission, whilst also being part of FOLD Studio when opportunities come-a-knocking for us. The highlights so far have been, meeting Erin Lightfoot and Sarah Ware of Schmücken at the Brisbane Finders Keepers. They are two very talented, fun and inspiring women, and we share a very similar design aesthetic, which has led to us joining forces to making the market experience 10X more awesome. The other thing I’m most proud of is working with graphic designer Holly Canham on my logo, packaging and website, she’s pulled it all together so well, and has been a delight to work with!

Tell us about your fascination with jewellery and the materials you use
Originally I was obsessed with furniture design, and the jewellery thing actually came around accidentally. It all started in 1st year at uni, when I was too poor to buy anything nice for myself, with a piece of scrap plywood I found in the bin at my workshop. It’s a long way from there now, but it’s still about creating things I like, and experimenting, but on a smaller scale to the furniture.

What blogs and websites, do you love to visit for inspiration
In no particular order, these are my favourite three blogs – (actually, who am I kidding, they are in order)
1. Attractive Bearded Men – it is what it is.
2. Pearanormal Activity – my hilarious friend Nichelas Elliot’s daily pear carving adventures.
3. My love for you – an interesting blog I’ve stumbled across that does features on really cool artists. I generally love everything I see there.

What do you love about living in Melbourne and how has it influenced your design
Melbourne is cool. Everyone knows why.  I have a network of beautiful, talented and supportive people in my life, apart from a few scattered elsewhere, most of them are here in Melbourne. At risk of sounding like a lame-o, my attitude towards design reflects them- their unique personalities, the passion for what they do, and the colour they bring to my life everyday. They have a strong influence on my mood, and my mood has a strong influence on my designs.

What new projects are you working on, and what new things can we expect to see in 2012?
Ahhhhhh! What don’t I have going on?!  Recently, I sold my first piece of furniture! It’s a chair titled ‘The Sun is Burning my Butt so Deliciously’, which I was lucky to take to the Milan Furniture Fair early last year, I have been working on refining that, and making a new one to be sent over to London. I’m also about to get to work on two new furniture pieces- a hammock design, and a pair of brightly patterned wardrobes for my new bedroom. I have two weeks until I start back at uni, where I’ll be doing a textile design elective (I’m excited about combining my love for bright patterns and tight fitting pants – we’ll see where that ends up!) I’m working on an album artwork for my friend Luke Bolton, it’s going to be something dark and twisted and a bit red… And on the jewellery front, I have been experimenting with using climbing rope and weaving to create African inspired neckpieces, oh and also have started making rings based on my original geometric designs!


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