Featured Designer: Dani M Designs

FK chats to Dani from dani m designs, about her jewellery and ceramics label.

Tell us about your range and what we can expect to discover?
Every range has a mix of porcelain and sterling silver. Porcelain had been my medium of choice for 10 years now. I love the texture and colours you can achieve.
My current collection includes modern day friendship necklaces and faceted beads in delicious colours.

Were you always into jewellery and how did you get started?
If only I knew it sooner! Back in high school I made necklaces by splitting open a key ring and adding a marble..and treading it on leather. So nineties!
But the light bulb moment wasn’t until 2001 when I started dani m designs. I was making ceramic homewares and I started playing with the clay and making smaller things that you could wear.

How would you describe your style and what inspires your work?
My style changed as soon I started working in fashion. It has always been minimal and all about the form and colour. I try to make pieces that are current without being too on trend…I want my work to last.
In term of inspiration, it varies. A trip to the museum to check out the rock and minerals collection got me started on my Crystal Visions range, but a lot of the time one range influences the next. And the material itself can lead you. I love experimenting!

What is your creative process, and what helps keep you motivated when you work?
I keep it as fluid as possible…I can get massive designers block if I know the pressure is on. And I don’t work to timelines or seasons. I have learnt that I need to let the creativity flow when its time and to be patient when my skills don’t match up to my ideals.
I get motivated every time I see a stranger wearing my work, and meeting people at Finders Keepers was so lovely!

What are some of your favourite design labels right now?
Harvest Textiles, Karla Way, Katherine Bowman, Kuwaii, Romance Was Born, Zimmerman and Anna & Boy.

What plans do you have for your range in 2012?
Since its January and very quiet, I am finally going to work on my Egyptian inspired range. Art deco has played a big part in my designs, and art deco owes a lot to the Egyptians. I love the rich gold with deep vibrant blue combo.
As always, I will apply my restrained minimal style to it and make sure it still says ‘dani m’.



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