Featured Designer: Not Tuesday

FK talks to stylist Rachel about her lovely accessories label, not Tuesday.

Can you tell us about your label, and where the name comes from?
not Tuesday is my little creation of handmade accessories. I am currently using polymer clay to make unique necklaces focusing on the beauty of simplistic shape, colour and texture. As far as the name goes, earlier this year I went a bit delirious trying to come up with one. I had pages and pages of options, most really really bad. “Chasing Pluto” was apparently an option. As was “Good Then”. Oh my god. There were also around 57 options including ‘sideways’. Thankfully I had a 2 year old who, at the time, was very into the days of the week. I would tell her it was Wednesday or Sunday and she would reply with “not Tuesday?”. I went with it. So I have my daughter to thank.

You’re a stylist by trade. How did you start the label and what was the motivation?
Spending many years styling in magazine land, when propping for shoots I would find little gaps in the market where I knew what I was looking for but couldn’t find it anywhere. Back then tea towels were generally pretty boring, and a constant source of frustration as to why no one was making any tea towels that were remotely cool. Now thankfully there are tonnes of fabulous designers putting their work down on a tea towel – I own and have given as gifts around a zillion over the past few years. But I digress. After initial aspirations of creating gorgeous tea towels, I moved into necklace territory – a wardrobe staple. I dabbled in making necklaces from beads I sourced elsewhere, but with a growing frustration in finding beads I really love, I decided to make my own. Always thinking resin was the way to go, while experimenting with it I was looking for a material to use that I could then cast into moulds. With childhood memories abundant I bought some polymer clay (brand name fimo!) and ended up falling in love with the finished product. So I ditched the resin and went for the fimo. And there you have it.

What are your 5 favourite blogs/websites for inspiration?
I might struggle to come up with 5 as I don’t necessarily get inspiration from the internet, but I will give it a bash.
1. www.theselby.com. Amazing, insightful, inspirational peeks into spaces of creatives. Complete drool worthy pics.
2. www.shinysquirrel.typepad.com/ Lots of pretty pictures and pretty things.
3. www.davidband.com.au. I love love love his artwork. I don’t own any but maybe if I dream hard enough…
4. www.pinterest.com. While I’m not a very active user, it’s pretty easy to lose hours and hours on here.
5. www.thedesignfiles.net. Of course. Makes me feel like I am not missing out on all the cool Melbourne stuff.
That’s 5! Done.

What do you love about having your own label, and what are some challenges?
Being your own boss is a pretty fabulous thing. I am not very commercially minded so essentially I just create pieces that I love and would wear myself. If others like it, great! I would be too easily bored just recreating the same thing over and over again, which is why rather than having a collection, I find I am always playing with colour and creating new combinations that keep the inspiration flowing. Having a 3 year old around also means that working from home and the flexibility of hours is a real bonus. This is also the downside though. My daughter is spending more time in the post office than the park at the moment, and I tend to spend all night working at my making stuff table (formerly known as the office/dining table), and when it is time to walk away from it, it is a mere 2 steps to the couch. Again, a good and a bad thing.


What are your plans for the label in the future?
I plan for not Tuesday to sleep between Christmas and new year, then wake up refreshed and ready to do some experimenting. There are lots of things I would like to do. More necklaces, bangles, screen printing, maybe some kids stuff. What I will actually do though, I couldn’t say. Some new stuff hopefully.

What advice would you give others starting out?
I don’t really think I qualify as an advice giver, but trust your instincts. Do what you love and chances are someone else will love it too. With online marketplaces like Etsy, it is now much easier to put yourself out there. Also don’t over analyse your work in a commercial sense, you can too easily lose the enjoyment and spontaneity of creating.


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