October 2011 Gift Guide: Spring

Hello Spring and all the lovely new things we want! The Gift Guide is back for October, and this month our guest contributors are sharing their top 6 Spring items to wear – clothing, accessories and jewellery items, from both Australia and around the world. These are all special items that could make a perfect gift for someone special or even for yourself! Make sure you check out our other monthly gift guides too!


Angela from Leeloo shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Plaid petal dress by SUPAYANA
2. SPRING TREES Letterpress Mini Prints with Envelopes by X
3. Sunset Landscape Serie V Pendant by Astree
4. Atomium ring by Ulala
5. Wood Bud Vase Little Violet by Less and more
6. A Wearable Planter No. 5, in White by Colleen Jordan

Rabia from Ginny & Jude shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Begonia Blouse from Kelsey Genner
2. Swift Fox brooch with Striped Ribbon from Oh My Cavalier
3. Alocasia Shorts in Lime from Secret Squirrel
4. Cool Red Matte Handmade Lipstick from BL Soaps
5. Betty Shoes in Blue from The Horse
6. Vintage Porcelain Locket with Bird Motif from Raphael Mhashilka

Vienna from Sanoii + Six shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Compass Skirt by Sanoii + Six
2. A Bird In The Hand Thelma Top by Me & Oli
3. Maya Bag by Nancy Bird
4. Paisley Patterned Winkle Picker by St Looie Blues
5. Tajos Brown Suede Leather Bag by Sabrina Tach
6. Blue Jelly Starburst Brooch by Ginny & Jude Designs

Sarah from Finders Keepers shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Midday Top by Megan Nielsen
2. Tangerine & Turquoise Bangles by Emerald Green Submarine
3. Peppermint Linen Loop Dress by Mother Maria
4. Annoyed Fox Felt Pin by Hana Letters
5. Boyscout Bag in Tan by Oktoberdee
6. Peach Polka Necklace by Emily Green

Melinda from Roger + Peach shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Braid Necklace, hand-knitted by A Alicia
2. Peach bow top by Roger + Peach
3. Necklace by Simply Phoebe
4. Peach Ruffle Blouse by VintageHeadquarters
5. Leather Belt by Unaki
6. Evelyn by The Horse

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