Frankie Giveaway Winner!

So we’re a few days late, but with 127 entries to our recent Frankie Giveaway Competition we needed a while to get through all the answers! There was sooo many good ones that we decided we would put everyone’s creative comments in a box and pick one out!

So the winner is…. Amber Mitchell! Comment on 29th September at 6:21pm
In Two Thousand and Twelve
I plan to travel the world.
With people to meet and places to see
I’ll need something special to take with me.
Train tickets, coasters and a note scribbled hanky
No doubt these will be kept in my dear diary, Frankie.

Congrats Amber! your Frankie 2012 goodies will be sent to you this week. THANK YOU to everyone who entered the comp, we had so much fun we might just have to do another giveaway soon…

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