Blog Crush: Handmadelove

FK Guest Contributor Jade Suine chats to Dawn Tan, colourful blogger of Handmadelove.

Tell us a little about your blog and why you started it?
Hello! My name is Dawn and I write a little blog called Handmadelove. I do write about lots of different stuff. Art-making, food, cool meal spots, nice fashion bits, classes and workshops that I run, inspiration bits from the lovely internet world, and the list goes on! I started blogging 11 years ago for fun, just because I wanted to fit in with all my friends who had cool blogs. Over the years my blog has grown to become mostly focused on my art-making adventures. It’s now where I share all of my work-in-progress bits and creative fun.

What do you love most about blogging?
The amazing people I meet through my little space! Everyone is always so nice and encouraging. Of course you get nasty people sometimes too, but life goes on with or without them. The positivity from my blog always keeps me going in tough times.

Do you find keeping a blog can inspire and motivate your work?
Yup! I often find myself pushing my limits and wanting to work harder and make nicer work just so I can blog about it and have feedback from everyone and know what they think. Back at uni/ art school we often had critique sessions and it was great for helping to motivate my work. Now that I’m out of art school a blog is the next best place for honest opinion I reckon!

Have new creative opportunities arisen through your blog?
Oh yes! Without my blog, I wouldn’t even think I would be where I am now. Blogging is so amazing this way and I am really grateful for the amazing opportunities.

How do your students react when they see their work published on your blog?
They seem to love it. A lot of them are little kids and their mums are readers of my blog. They show their kids the entries and the kids always ask me if they’re famous. To those kids, being online is like being in the papers. Kids are so cute!

Is there a pattern in your posting habits?
Ooh, I am totally random! I’ve been blogging for so long it almost becomes a habit to blog. I’d say I probably blog about every alternate day.

Do you have any tips or hints about successfully running your own blog that you would like to share?

Keep blogging and be true to yourself. Speak your mind and just have fun! I always imagine myself talking to a friend when I’m blogging. I find people do appreciate it when I’m honest. Keep updating whenever you can, people enjoy a blog that’s frequently updated.

Can you share with us your 5 favourite blogs?
For Me For You,  I love Kate’s style of writing and her pictures always seem to make the sun shine a little brighter!
Wiksten: I am in love with Jenny’s clothes, and the amazing amount of creativity she has. A blogger who makes her own clothing, dyes her own fabrics, knits her own scarves and socks! Ah, I’m sold.
A Cup Of Jo: Joanna’s posts are like my early morning cup of tea. I love the way she writes. Short and simple and sometimes really funny too. It makes me laugh and dream of living a life in New York!
The Design Files: I do support and love Australian goodness so The Design Files is my number 1 ‘go-to’ blog for good Australian design. The things there…oh my… (and not to forget the home tours that Lucy blogs about). Time for me to win the lottery, pack my bag, and move to a nicer home!
Jeana Sohn: Jeana is an artist herself and I really appreciate her eye for beautiful things. I’m in love with her project Closet Visit, where she interviews and photographs amazing creatives, along with their amazing individual wardrobes. Very inspiring and truly beautiful!


  • kit & nancy says:

    just delicious! love love love her creations.

  • piccaboo designs (natalie!) says:

    I am lucky enough to have an original of dawns work. Her style is so cool and I recognised instantly her fab ‘cider bottle’ illustrations in the age recently!

  • piccaboo designs (natalie!) says:

    Sorry I meant the illustrations were in Frankie magazine! though the Age would sure benefit from some of dawns fabuous illustrations 🙂

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