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FK has a chat to Scott Edwards, one of the organisers behind the upcoming Adelaide event, The Eclective. The Eclective is a modern wedding focused event, that explores creativity and self expression.

Tell us about your upcoming event The Eclective?
The Eclective is a curated showcase of wedding artisans intent on inspiring and enlightening couples to explore the options of personal expression within their wedding. ECLEC(tic-collec)TIVE; adjective. derived from the South Australian term for awesome wedding.

What was the inspiration behind putting this event together?
We often come across brides that feel uninspired by the current wedding market trends. We wanted to bring together a group of exhibitors that think outside the box and offer something a little different. There are some fantastic new businesses launching at the event this year and as it is the inaugural event for the Eclective it would seem to be the perfect fit.

Why do you think that showcasing a wedding as a means of ‘personal self expression’ is so important?
A wedding is (often) a once in a lifetime event celebrating love and the coming together of two people. It is about the couple so why wouldn’t it also contain elements that speak to who they are. It is the perfect way to express who you are as a couple through your special day.

tickets http://theeclective.eventbrite.com/

friday september 9th 6-9pm {vip night}
saturday september 10th 10-5pm
sunday september 11th 10-4pm

the queens theatre, playhouse lane, adelaide

how much?
vip night tickets $40
saturday and sunday tickets $10 { available online now or saturday and sunday tickets are available at the door if not sold out first}

* ticket numbers are limited so please be sure to book online to secure your spot and ensure your copy of the eclective inspiration bag which includes access to all the wedding style guide digital back issues.
** booking fees apply for online purchases.

Photo credits – top image Shona Henderson, bottom image White Wall Photography

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