Featured Designer: Bonny Lad

FK chats to Sungee Min from Melbourne jewellery label, Bonny Lad.

Tell us a little about your label Bonny Lad
Bonny Lad is a contemporary jewellery label since 2007 in Melbourne. Bonny Lad jewellery is mainly inspired by nature. They are 3 dimensional, delicate, and have much details. My aim is to make my jewellery unique, quirky and individual.

What is your background and how did you get to where you are today?
I originally studied language, philosophy and literature at uni and tried different religions but also at the same time, I have been creative my whole life. When I was a kid, I would make little doll houses, clay models for calender holders, little sculptures, paper pencil cases, and later drawings, paintings and traditional paper craft. Later I realised that I want to get into the real creative world, so I decided to study Product design/ Jewellery at TAFE in 2006. I then straight away set up a studio after school and went to NEIS program. Since then, I have never looked back.

Can you explain your ideas behind your jewellery line?
Every day life experiences are very important for me. I used to go to my local park since I was young whenever I had to think, or in a different mood. I think parks or gardens are like a little connection between the man-made world and nature. Those connections really inspire my thinking of jewellery making. I would collect many different things at the park and play with them and make something out of them.

What is your creative process?
Collection is a big part of my creative process. Also I take photos or keep a journal to remember those moments I don’t want to miss. I don’t draw or make mock ups much since I left school, I rather go straight into cutting my silver pieces and start to make things on the bench. Yet it takes quite a while to get in the bench to create a new range as they take a long time to visualise in my head. I also wear them first to check strength or comfort and get friend’s opinions as well before I go ahead to make whole ranges.

What advice would you give others starting out?
I know many people try out and give up in a short time. I would say that not to give up easily as it is quite hard work to be an independent artist / designer. I have had many part time jobs to keep what makes me happy, and the rewards are quite amazing.

Where do you go to get inspiration?
As I said, local parks are my favorite place to go to get inspiration. I am lucky enough to live near a nice park and creek. I would go there to collect dried seed-pods and later would learn their names from books or clients from markets which is great. Or I would just go for a walk but coming home with a head full of inspiration.



  • kim baise says:

    brilliant work! so organic and beautiful!

  • Pamela Giroud says:

    My daughter has just bought me a pair of earrings like the second last rings above set with a little blue stone. They were purchased from Aspects Kings Park Perth. I love them. Things from nature are my inspiration too.

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