Feather + Stone Photography

FK talks to Seth + Tenielle, the Brissy husband/wife team behind Feather + Stone Photography

Can you tell us about Feather + Stone Photography and who’s involved?
Seth & I started out with an interest in fashion photography, after shooting ‘new faces’ for a local modelling agency for a year we had a break and hung the camera’s up.  We had no intention to try our hand at weddings, but as the story goes at some point we ended up shooting a friend’s wedding. We had a ridiculously fun time doing it and realised wedding photography could be creative & quirky.

What are your backgrounds and how did you meet?
We’d love to tell you we were both born with camera’s in hand, but alas it’s not true. Although we flexed some creative muscles during our childhoods (mostly paddle pop stick creations) we didn’t discover our photographic muscles until we’d been married a few years. Seth is from Florida, USA, I’m a Brissy girl and our world’s collided in early 2001 when Seth took a trip to Oz for a surfing holiday. We met, his 3 week trip turned into 3 months and 8 weeks after he left I followed him to USA for a ‘holiday’. We’ve been inseparable ever since. We tied the knot in late 2002, lived in Florida for the first 3 years then returned to Aussie soil where we’ve been ever since. He now loves meat pies as much as me.

Tell us about the ‘Wonder Wall’ and your involvement with the recent Brisbane FK?
Our Wonder Wall is the brainchild of Seth, a man-child who enjoys a good self-mockery. It’s our version of a photo booth, set-up with a backdrop, lights and a plethora of props. After shooting many wedding receptions, Seth saw the need for a fun, creative outlet for guests. We originally started with a digital version, however the ‘instant’ photo booth idea came when we were travelling in Japan last November.  FK Markets were the perfect launching pad, a place full of wonderfully creative & quirky people. It was an honour to have a booth alongside such talented artists.

What type of photography do you specialise in and what would you like to do more of?
We mainly shoot Weddings & Portraiture but our eyes are naturally drawn to a creative, quirky, personality-driven take on things.  Photography can be anything you want it to be these days, but for us we’re finding ourselves heading back to what it used to be about, character, art, tangible images, which we feel exists in film. We’ll be launching our re-branded website in a few months & with that we’re heading away from the overly-digital world and back to film photography. We’d love to go back to our roots and shoot more fashion or collaborate on creative concepts/projects.


Who are some of your heroes in Photography?
We are a huge fan of looking for inspiration outside of weddings. We love The Satorialist, fashion greats such as Richard Avedon and the late Richard Bailey. Within our industry we adore Jose Villa. A hero for us in photography, is anyone who is doing what they love, for the love of it, keeping creative but humble as well.

What do you love about Brisbane and where are you favourite places to visit?
We love sunny blue Brisbane skies, hot summer days, beach trips & BBQ’s a-plenty. Brisbane might be small but it is charming nonetheless, there are many hidden gems & winter days are hardly wintery at all.  We love a good picnic at New Farm park complete with a glass of Shiraz and a few stinky cheeses. Coffee’s at Blue Sky, Bellisimo & Campos. You can’t beat The Vietnamese or Trang’s for a Pho or Shlix for Gelato. Canvas Club at Woolloongabba is a great spot for a lovely drop & live flamenco tunes.


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