Featured Designer: Love Mae

FK talks to Bec, Peta & Emily of gorgeous fabric decal, and wrapping paper label, Love Mae.

Tell us about your label and what we can expect to discover?
Bec: Mae is lovely and charming and timeless.. vintage inspired and fresh all at once. We are very conscious of our environment and strive to have as little impact upon it as possible. You can expect to discover (if you haven’t already), our much loved fabric wall decals (reusable, of course), mini fabric decals (for your notebook or laptop) and our gorgeous wrapping paper (100% recycled stock, did you even have to ask?).

What is your background, and how did you get started?
Peta: My background is in photography. My motivation to start something for myself was not having to go back to work after having children!
Emily: I’m a graphic designer by trade; I’ve always been the “arty” type and knew I wanted to do something that involved putting my creativity to good use. I was approached by Bec after she was approached by Peta to start a little business and I didn’t hesitate!

What’s the most exciting part about running your own business?
Emily: We get to determine exactly what we put out there, every aspect of it – which can be daunting of course, but in the end it is truly satisfying to know that our work is in the homes of so many (stylish!) people.
Peta: Honestly, everything. Every little decision and detail. That it is not a side project, it is my full time job!

Give us three awesome things you love to do in Northern NSW!
Peta: Swim in the wonderful water holes at the base of Mt Warning with my girls.
Emily: Shopping in the cheapest op shops I’ve ever found!
Bec: Just drive around and enjoy the scenery.. it’s such a beautiful place.

What have some of the highlights been so far about running your label?
Bec: Knowing that people love our work! It’s such a great feeling.
Peta: Traveling, especially New York. Meeting so many inspirational individuals and artists.
Emily: Visiting Melbourne and Sydney for trade shows and the novelty of staying in sweet little houses!

What are you working on now, and what can we expect to discover at the upcoming Brisbane Markets?
Bec: It is a secret! We work around trade shows so we should have some very exciting (and different!) new items come August. We are so excited and nervous all at once!


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