Featured Designer: Emerald Green Submarine

FK talks to Nicole Porrello from her jewellery label, Emerald Green Submarine

Can you introduce us to your label, and what we can expect to discover.
Emerald Green Submarine is all about the simplicity and splendor of wearing colours. Each piece of my resin jewellery is hand-cast, sculpted and sanded in my Castlemaine studio, giving each piece a subtle individuality. Emerald Green Submarine’s range includes earrings, necklaces, bangles and brooches as well as unisex rings and cufflinks. I use simple natural forms that come to life with my hand-mixed colour palette.

Why did you decide to start a label, and how did you get started?
I created my label in 2008 to further explore the realms of colour, design and adornment. I had studied and worked in design for 8 years, and wanted to create a job for myself that involved the hands-on making. The name, Emerald Green Submarine, encapsulates my vision of a design practice that is in a constant state of exploration, designing pieces that are beautiful, rich and rare. Weekly and monthly art and craft markets have been a great catalyst for building a client-base and keeping me in touch with what colours and designs delight my customers.

What is your background and how did it lead you to working with resin?
I was introduced to a very basic ‘resin making’ class as part of an Architectural Model Making course I did at University. The following year I was working as an Interior Designer and began collaborating with another designer in resin sculpture and jewellery for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.  It was during this time of exploration and play that firmly established my technical ability and passion for working with resin. The exhibition was a huge success and we continued collaborating for a few years.

What do you love about living in Campbells Creek (rural VIC)?
The landscape and the colours are what connected me to this place two years ago. I love seeing the four seasons change so distinctively from the pastel wheat and olives of summer to the fire reds and oranges of autumn, then onto the silver and greens of winter and then the piercing purples, pinks, yellows and limes of Spring. I’m in heaven and there’s certainly no lack of inspiration for an art practise that’s all about colour! There’s a thriving creative community here too and I was fortunate to get a studio at the Enterprise Center Workspace in Castlemaine.

Where do you go to be inspired creatively?
Apart from nature’s divine sense of proportion and stunning colour combinations, I’ve always been inspired by fashion and textiles. A piece of clothing or fabric can inspire an entire collection, although my jewellery often ends up looking nothing like my source of inspiration once my imagination and I have played around in the studio. I am still influenced my interior design background and design spatially in a way. I don’t just see my pieces as objects but imagine them on the person in spaces, natural and built. Some of my favourite sites are; www.thecoolhunter.com.au, garypeppervintage.com, designmuseum.org and www.zara.com.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year for Emerald Green Submarine?
I am employing someone to help me out a bit in the studio so I can focus more on design and development which is very exciting as it will enable me to share more Emerald Green Submarine creations. I’m also participating and applying to do some wonderful design events like The Finders Keepers markets, which are great fun and offer the opportunity to network with other designers and boutique owners. I’ll also be developing a new summer range inspired by my recent snorkeling adventures in the Gilli Islands off Lombok… the colours are going to be electric!


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