May 2011 Gift Guide: Winter Woolies

Our May Gift Guide is here! This month we’re loving all things warm & knitted! This month we asked guest contributors to share their top 6 favourite indie design items based around winter woolies, from both Australia and around the world. These are all special handmade pieces that could make a perfect gift for someone special or even something for yourself! Make sure you check out our other gift guides too!

Lorena from Lore Lore shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Merino Collar – Scallop by Hand Hook Yarn
2. Short Macrame Braid Chain Necklace by Sollis
3. Fall Foliage by Solemate Socks
4. Knitted Backpack by Reckless Exuberance
5. Crochet Bunting Garland – Rainbow by Cinti
6. Coney Triangle Hat by Annie Larson


Angela from Leeloo shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Hand Knitted Vintage Button Cup Cozy in Navy by Sheeps Clothing
2. Tinydotdot lace felt collar by dadaya
3. Organic Cotton Cushion Cover by My Bearded Pigeon
4. Vintage blanket Hot Water Bottle Cove by my poppet
5. Dearest Acorn Pendant with Oak Leaf by Ginny & Jude
6. Tess Floral Green Fabric Covered Earrings by Whiskers Lane

Katie from Mother Maria shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Handstitched Tamara Maynes & Monique Germon cushion
2. Cute EcoVintage Cap by SMboutique
3. Hand-spun Alpaca Wool by Obi Obi Essentials
4. Nikki Gabrielle Construction Kits by Nikki Gabrielle
5. Extra Fine Merino Wool Blankets by Uimi

Anna from KnitKnit shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Urchin Pouf by Christien Meindertsma
2. Hand Knitted Long Mittens by Sage
3. Hand Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover by High Fibre
4. Knitted Purse by Roost Living
5. Knitting Tea Towel by Maya Muse
6. Kwan Big Cowl Neckwarmer by Tracce

Sarah from Finders Keepers shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Knit your cord scarf by Lore Lore
2. Crochet Garland Jute Twine by Crayon Chick
3. Sock Monkey Write Warmers by Sheepish Knitting & Crochet
4. Handknitted Cactus by Odds & Ends Handmade
5. Natural Folk Hairband by The Pin Pals
6. The Olivia Bow by Rebecca Caridad


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