Featured Designer: Romersk Sleepwear

FK chats to Sophie Chan Andreassend about her lovely sleepwear label, Romersk Sleepwear

Can you introduce your label to us, and what we can expect to discover?
My label is a bit like me…young and ready to try new things. Romersk is a mix of feminine florals, home grown love as well new old ideas like bloomers and velvet! I want my label to be a collection of my wildest ideas as well as people. For my debut collection I worked with so much local talent who are friends of mine: graphic designers, photographers, stylists, hair and make up artists & illustrators. I love bringing it all together, it’s the greatest feeling.

Your label, Romersk Sleepwear has just released the first collection: Pillow Talk. Can you tell us more?
Pillow Talk is inspired by the classic romantic comedy film starring Doris Day. It combines the sexy, romantic feel of silks, florals, lace as well as that cute, classic, 1950’s style of bloomers, clean whites and pastel decors. Doris Day is so inspiring and her personality in this film is so much like mine. I would love to have been a part of 1950’s America and all the fashion that it had to offer.

Have you always been a creative soul and how did you get into sleepwear?
I grew up in a very talented & creative family and my parents have always inspired me to be hands on and express myself and my ideas in artistic ways. Art, design, illustration, and fashion inspire me more than words could ever describe & I love that they can make my heart sing. What I love most about the creative industry is the way you feel when you see or make something so aesthetically pleasing that you couldn’t picture any other way. I love the challenge and limitless, undiscovered possibilities with sleepwear.

What is your workspace like and what inspires you about your surroundings?
My workspace has moved between flats recently so I try to work and keep all my ideas in sketchbooks so I don’t loose anything. The whole city of Melbourne is inspiring on so many levels; I love the architecture and originality of the city.

Where are you favorite places to get inspiration from?
Classic picture books and inspiration, small towns, young talent, The Cherry Blossom Girl (blog), bold colors, food (glorious good), vintage wallpaper, antiques, fresh interiors, my family’s faith in me, picturesque scenery and city skylines.

What plans do you have for the label in the future?
I would love to open my own boutique in the near future, combining my love for food and sleepwear. My boyfriend is a chef and I would love to collaborate with him. I would like to expand into bedding and furniture with my prints and illustration, too. I have far too many ideas but right now I can’t wait to keep designing new collections and working with new people. Stay tuned!


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