Featured Designer: Brkich

FK talks to the lovely Belinda from Melbourne based label brkich.

Can you tell the story about how brkich came to be?
brkich is the realisation of an ambition that I have had for a long time. I have always dabbled in making garments and I studied textiles with a major in screen printing at rmit. I love exploring textures, colours and form. Fabric and clothing is simply my natural expression outlet. With brkich, I have finally created a formal label and I am working hard to make it go further and further.

Can you tell us the story behind the name?
I really struggled with finding a name!! I mulled over it for a long time. I wanted something that was strongly associated with me as an individual but not directly but not an immediately obvious link. Brkich is my grandmothers maiden name. I like that it’s association is quite subtle. People always assume it’s an imaginary word; but I believe it’s quite common in Croatia!

What is your own background and what lead you into textiles?
I grew up in rural Gippsland, in a big old butter factory which my mother converted to an art gallery. I have always been creatively inclined… And I always struggled with the distinction between art/design/fashion. Once I discovered that textile design existed… It was really an easy choice…

Your prints are really distinctive – where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere… Ideas can be sparked from colours in a tiled floor or the texture in a blurry photograph. An image really changes once it gets drapped around the body. I like to see what happens when I use an unlikely images and playing with scale.

What has been the biggest reward since you started the label and what keeps you motivated?
That people enjoy wearing my creations as much as I enjoy making them! Seeing a stranger on the streets wearing on of my garments was a really big deal for me. So happy! I honestly believe that you get out as much as you put it. That helps me keep going.

What do you have planned for brkich in 2011?
I have just got my first stockist, Kids in Berlin in North Melbourne; which I am very happy about! That was a huge confidence boost. I would really like to broaden my range, get a few more prints and styles out there and get into a few more stores.


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  • helen wild says:

    Dear Belle loved your designs, you are very talented,have you considered designing fabrics for furnishing, colour is in in a big way, aboriginal Matisse style or small animals, look up Roselli Fabrics a South African Co., also Diane Bergaron Fabrics or Edit. Such fun , keep up the fabulous work, love Helen

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