April 2011 Gift Guide: Silversmith

Our April Gift Guide is here! This month we’re loving all things Silversmith jewellery. Silversmith jewellery is defined as handcrafted jewellery made from silver or gold. This month we asked some new guest contributors, who are all designers we admire to share their top 6 favourite indie design & art online picks from both Australia and around the world. These are all special handmade pieces that could make a perfect gift for someone special or even something for yourself! Make sure you check out our other gift guides too!

Victoria from Victoria Mason shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Bubbles Ring by Pip Keane
2. Little Ox Pin by David Neale
3. Prism Necklace by Eli
4. Superstar Earrings by Cinnamon Lee
5. Single earring (bear, tooth, teapot) by Beci Orpin
6. Love Necklace by Naomi Murrell



Brooke from Brooke Johnston Design shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Granny Goodness Necklace by Victoria Mason
2. Art deco pendant by Eli Contemporary Jewellery
3. Equus ring by Momoko Hatano
4. Asa green nylon ring by Silvia Bradshaw
5. Modern rock diamond ring by Metalicious
6. Feather Earrings by Kyo Hashimoto


Frankie from The Design Kids shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Bicycles by Cuff Off
2. Doily Pendant by Brooke Johnston Design
3. Act Deux Ring by Bilingual
4. Solitaire Ring by Fuzz Design Workshop
5. L_scape Connect by Silverfox Jewellery
6. Sterling Coin Necklace by Anechkas Jewelry

Sarah from Sarah Rothe shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. U ring by Blanche Tilden
2. Sci-Fi Neckpiece by Tessa Blazey
3. Royal Blue Oval Drop Cluster by Alida Cappelletta
4. Pillow form earrings by Sun Woong-Bang
5. Cookeina Rings by Michelle Kelly
6. Silver Cloud Pendant by Kyoko Hashimoto


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