March 2011 Gift Guide: Textiles

Our March Gift Guide is here! We kicked off our first Gift Guide for 2011 with the traditional valentines theme, and this month we’re loving all things textiles. This month we asked new guest contributors, who are all amazing textile designers, to share their top 6 favourite indie design & art online picks from both Australia and around the world. It has now been 1 year since we launched our Gift Guides online too (doing a little dance) make sure you check out the other ones!

Angie from Materialistic shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Lemons teatowel by Dear Coleen
2. Ceramic cuff bangle with lace imprint by Golden Ink Collective
3. Angora fingerless glove by Cottage Industry
4. Embrodiered brooches by Teahouse Handmade
5. Ethical fabric earrings by Mucke
6. Tribute Baby onsies by Materialistic (shameless self promotion!)

Jen from Formosa Design shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Belbird Design by Melbomba
2. Iconic neon cushion by Make Me Iconic
3. Alfred shopper by Lisa Stickley
4. Corallum Linen Pillow by Thomas Paul
5. Ginkgo in Olive & Stone by Ink and Spindle
6. Orla by Skinny Fabric by the metre by Laminx

Amy from Umbrella Prints shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Lina dress by Mette
2. 9 flowers embroidery by Gretchen Mist
3. Player teatowel by Puddin head
4. Butterfly doily cushion cover by Flower Press
5. A Scrap of Luck cushion by Bird in Chandeliers (featuring Umbrella Prints fabric)
6. African Abstract Floral Pattern by Chillien


Monique from Elkhorn shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Red silk cotton Scarf by States of Nature
2. Linen Napkins by The and Sami
3. Wunderplant Wall Art – Pods in Bloom  by Hydrangea blue
4. Ripton clutch by Shelter protects you
5. Leaf ‘Dancing Girls’ by Pur Anders
6. Vintage Seed Sack Shopper Tote by Selina Vaughan


Kristen from Kristen Doran Design shares her top 6 indie picks:

1. Paris remnant set in blues by Mikodesign
2. Hello lover flag by Pony Rider
3. Knit One in duck egg by Aunty Cookie
4. Square cushion in green/white by BKH Design
5. Mikko linen in birch/olive Doov cushion by Surface Art
6. Pirates & Sea Creatures in Teal, Jersey by Ink and Spindle


  • Christina says:

    Angie I love all the yellow in your guide, such an under used colour! I have been raving about you’re dirty dancing onesie all week, truly one of my most favorite items all year 🙂 x

  • Bettina says:

    I really like the surface fabric, on Kristen Doran’s picks. I hope the market is a great success. Bettina

  • Bettina says:

    Whoops. Missed an important word!

    I really like the surface ART fabric, on Kristen Doran’s picks. I hope the market is a great success. Bettina

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