Featured Designer: I design things

FK talks to the lovely Anke from Melbourne based label I design things.

Tell us a little bit about your label.
I design things. is a design studio that came to life in Melbourne 2007. The name ‘happened’ at a dinner party trying to describe a practice of art making that was/is interested in different disciplines and the crossover between disciplines.
I design things. seemed the most honest answer and has evolved into a studio practice with a production line of ceiling suspended sculptures, mobiles and decorative ornaments as well as investigative pieces.

You studied in the UK and then have since moved to Melbourne, what do you find inspiring about your new city?
I completed my postgraduate studies at Edinburgh College of Art and returned to Melbourne feeling excited about the opportunities for emerging designers and artists with festivals and events abound. I am still feeling excited about the community of creative people in Melbourne and the physical beauty of the city with nooks and rises and areas to be discovered.

What is you creative background and what lead you to the work you do today?
I am trained as a furniture designer. My training was largely undertaken at Art Schools in Australia and overseas, so I witnessed art practices that were based on conceptual ideas as well as problem solving skills.
So with one eye I was always in the sculpture department, the ‘other, functional’ half produced furniture objects from foam and fiberglass, tulle and embroidery yarn.
I am continually interested in the conceptual ideas of furniture and why we choose the objects we surround ourselves with in our domestic spaces. This leads me to explore ideas and objects that do not obviously fulfill a function.

Who are what inspires your work and what keeps you motivated?

Life largely inspires my work the opportunities and images that the every day has to offer.
At the moment I am fascinated with the mechanisms of traffic lights how individual green dots make a large recognizable image. I fantasize about turning this idea into a body of lighting pieces.

I have favourite artists and designers that I return to for research and inspiration. The Dutch designer Hella Jongerius who combines embroidery and hard-edged industrial techniques with fabulous furniture pieces is one of my heroes!
The work of sculptures Nikki de Saint Phalli, Alexander Calder and Hans Arp always makes me smile and inspires me to draw and explore ideas.

What has been the most rewarding moment since you opened the studio?
It is always rewarding seeing people enjoy my work. Having some high-profile retailers such as luft and NGA stock my work is rewarding.
But the most rewarding moment since opening the studio however was a little boy complementing my work by saying ‘you’re a great artist’.

What are you working on and what aspirations do you have for I design things.
Each season I design things. extends its range of mobiles. I am currently working on some textile pieces out of screen-printed industrial felt, which will complement the mobiles.
With an evolving range of interior objects we hope to offer our clients the opportunity to create a little interior scene of I design things. in their home.


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  • Theresa says:

    I won the felt bird of twig from herald sun competition….thank you….what do i do with it? Stick it to a wall? any hints…thanks

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