Featured Designer: Lavallièr

FK chats to Melbourne based designer Laureen about her ceramics label, Lavallièr

Tell us about your lovely label and where the name originates from?
Lavallièr is designed and handcrafted with 100% Australian Porcelain.  It is made using the finest grade of Australian produced porcelain each piece is hand made, shaped and sanded, so a rather laborious process.
The name Lavallièr is French for pendant my boyfriend actually helped me source the name. Both my initials start with ‘L’, though unfortunately I have a rather long name and just didn’t have the ring to it.

How did you get into jewelery & object design?
I have a Fine Arts Degree and have dabbled in a range of creative practices. It grew out of sculpting with porcelain in my studio one day, making wearable objects for myself and friends saying ’you should sell these’ that was a years ago now.

What do you love about working with ceramics?
I was never fond of working with ceramics when I was a kid I remembered being in art class and hated the way it zapped all the moisture out of your hands, but porcelain is somewhat different. I use one of the finest grades of Australian porcelain, which comes from Tasmania. It is super fine quality, almost velvety in texture.

Who or what inspires you and your work?
I find inspiration from internal structures of microscopic organisms and delicate fine antique china. Lavallièr is a fusion of the ornate and ancient Chinese pottery, image transfer techniques and textured surfaces. Creating a product range of pendants, earrings, porcelain rings, bangles, brooches, unisex cufflinks and one off pieces for those who are not afraid and have a bold sense of style.

What is your creative space like?
My studio is located in a warehouse with a range of artists sharing the space. Though its nothing glamorous it’s a fantastically active, energetic and inspiring place to work. I share a large space with two other amazing artists and it can get quite messy, though a confined mess. That’s what you get when working with ceramics!

What are you currently working on and what have you got planned for the future?
I am always expanding my range, in particular I am working on developing new one of a kind pieces. I love the originality and uniqueness of one off pieces they are extra special and enjoy seeing customers eyes light up when they discover them.


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