Featured Designer: EmmyRose

FK chats to Sydney based stationery designer Emily about her label EmmyRose

Tell us about your stationery label, EmmyRose.
EmmyRose is small light filled studio in inner Sydney. It’s in this little studio that stationery and graphics are designed. My little studio walls are filled with paper prettiness and my desks are lined with a quirky tea pot collection. I began the label in 2009 and it’s only in the last 6 months that I guess I have come into my style. It’s a collaboration of influential people places and beautiful moments and one big dream to one day be my own little boss and have my own label that I’m proud of.

What is your background and how has it influenced where you are today.
If you can think of any job in the world I have probably done it. From working in corporate marketing to designing marketing content for a non for profit organisation, to being an office assistant and to helping out the mines advisory group in Cambodia for Australian Aid. I always knew through all of my experiences that I wanted to work for myself and my love of design and paper seemed like the best way to take all of my experiences and get to work.

What inspired you to work with paper?
From a young age I had a collection of papers which were my pride and joy. Being the meticulous little mouse I am and the youngest of a big family, I would often spend hours of an evening laying papers out and co-ordinating them in colour theme and ambience for my own visual eye candy. I guess it was also my way of getting a little bit of quiet time.

Describe your style and where you draw your inspiration from?
My style is a little romantic and I love anything that resonates from nature. My inspiration predominately comes from childhood holidays spent in the country amidst muted pastel hues and an overgrown garden. They say the first 7 years of one’s life are the most important and I guess it was pretty influential as I still draw from my memory. The garden was overgrown with an oak tree, and the blooms even through drought would be robust. My other great inspiration to design and establish EmmyRose comes from my amazing family, my besties and my boyfriend. A big thanks to Godelieve Mols Photography for my lovely photos!

What is the most challenging part about having your own label?
Time and loads of hard work would probably be the biggest challenge. I find myself working to the wee hours of most mornings… apparently creative minds seem to like the dark, or so I tell myself. Hee hee! The other greatest challenge without sounding too cliché is being your own IT person, marketing consultant and accountant, I’m lucky that in the latter department my gorgeous dad is an accountant so I get lots of help.

What was the highlight for EmmyRose in 2010?
Being invited to be part of Finders Keepers. I was over the moon to be part of an innovative and talented group who seek out and take a chance on new designers. Another highlight this year was being part of a wedding magazine. To see your goodies in print is pretty amazing.  The first time I walked into a newsagent flicked through the pages anxiously and saw one of my designs, I felt like I saw myself from afar and thought ‘wow this is the moment’ it doesn’t get much more exciting! I guess it’s all the little things from so much hard work that make me the happiest.


All photos featured by © Godelieve Mols Photography


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