Featured Artist: Luci Everett

FK talks to Melbourne based Illustrator & creator of our new Melbourne flyer, Luci Everett

How would you best describe your illustrations and style of artwork?
Feminine, organic, papery, fresh and textured. My favourite adjective has been “Beatrix Potter-y”.

What is your background and what lead you to where you are today?

I studied Communication Design at RMIT, and have mostly been freelancing since. I started doing album covers for free when I was still studying, which led me a lot more into independent music and arts projects.

What materials do you prefer to work with and what mediums do you like to explore?
I love a mixture of paper, watercolour, coloured pencil, acrylic, sewing. Occasionally photography. I explore all these things in different ways depending what’s inspired me lately.

What is your workspace like and what creative process do you typically have?
I basically have a regular sized desk in a corner of my bedroom, so it’s lucky I’m a neat freak or it just wouldn’t work. I usually end up on the floor if I’m being very hands-on. My process involves getting very excited/gathering ideas by looking at lots of pictures, sketching briefly and getting stuck in. It’s not very methodical; I do whatever I feel is going to get it working.

What inspires your work and who are some of your favourite artists?
The internet is a goldmine, I cannot lie. I find so much goodness daily. Some ultimate favourites in illustration/design: Chris Silas Neal, Olaf Hajek, Clemens Habicht, Blexbolex, Becca Stadtlander, Dan Haskett, People Collective, David Pearson, Ana Laura Perez, Anna Emilia Laitinen, Webuyyourkids, etc etc forever. I see a lot of exhibitions in Melbourne too, a couple of favourite local artists: Dane Lovett and Stephanie Hicks.

What blogs and websites do you visit for inspiration?
Where to begin? anne louise likes, Rifle blog, johanna wallin, HI + LOW, cake with giants , Backyard Bill, le projet d’amour, Freunde von Freunden, etc etc forever.

What has been your favourite projects to work on?
Oh, I loved doing most of them, don’t make me pick.

What is 2011 looking like for you and where do you hope to take your work from here?
I’ve been working alone quite a lot so I’d love to collaborate with a design studio or two this year if I find the chance. I would love to work on some illustrations which stand alone, for example editorial pieces. I’ve just been enjoying image making more and more lately; it would be lovely to put it to good use instead of just sticking it up on my blog!



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