Featured Designer: Parliament of Two

FK chats to the girls from Parliament of Two, about their lovely nostalgic label.

Tell us about your collaboration – Parliament of Two.
Parliament of Two was launched by Mel & Vanessa earlier this year. We’d been talking about it for years (far to many, infact) but it wasn’t until late last year that it seemed the right time to actually embark on it. We have worked together on various projects before, we’ve always had a very similar aesthetic and way of working and I think we have always known we would be a good fit working together on a more permanent basis. Our first range is a line of brooches and necklaces. We are currently drawing inspiration from old books and the old school library experience. Our work has a kind of nostalgic feel.

What are your backgrounds and how did you meet?
We met at University where we both studied Jewellery Design. We became besties right away and have remained so ever since. Post-uni, Melissa has worked within the Jewellery industry as a Gemmologist and Diamond Grader while working on her own line of accessories and Vanessa has gone onto study Graphic Design and worked in both print and textile design. We have managed to collect a varied array of know-how, skills and tricks along the way which has helped greatly in starting our wee venture.

What draws you to paper? (books) and all things nostalgic?
We are definitely going through a very sentimental phase with our current work. As mentioned this range was born out of a love of old books and school libraries:  The illustrations are taken from old book illustrations and we think the old library card packaging will inspire a trip down memory lane for most.  There is something cool about creating work that captures dusty old memories.

Whats been the most exciting thing for your label so far?
Finders Keepers is pretty exciting!  It’s only our second market, we are really looking forward to peddling our wares amongst such talent.  Being featured on a few of our favourite blogs has also been exciting. We are also running a promo with Yen Magazine this month. It’s nice to be getting interest from the blogs and magazines we love.

What is your workspace like?
We both have individual work spaces where we design before bringing our ideas together. Mel shares her’s with her partner; it’s kind of organised chaos. Vanessa’s is a super compact space that is organised in more of an OCD kind of way, however the making part is mostly done on Mel’s kitchen table at the moment. Not so glamourous, but homely. It somehow feels less like working and more like hanging out. We get to drink tea and catch up whilst also getting stuff done.

What are your plans for Parliament of Two going forward in 2011?
Oh, so many ideas! We will launch a new range of accessories in the early part of the year but we would like to follow that up with some more homewares type products although we are still researching the logistics of this. Fingers crossed.


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