‘On the Wall’ Artists Announced!

On The Wall is a Leeloo and Finders Keepers Collaboration that will be on show exclusively at the upcoming Sydney Finders Keepers! The above picture is a sneak peek of the wonderful artists that are involved.

Here is a list of the artists that will be on show:
Alex Louisa :: Amy Borrell :: Amy Bortolazzo
Anika Cook :: Bec Winnel :: Bessie Nunes :: Brooke Holm
Danielle Reck :: Emma Leonard :: enyaj :: Erin Flannery
Genevieve Ryan :: Grace McKellar :: James Thomson :: Jessica Hyde
Jessica Singh :: Jordan Clarke :: Kareem Rizk :: Kate McCarthy
Kirbee Lawler :: Lalita Lu :: Laura Carey :: Lauren Carney
Manuela Strano :: Matthew Roland :: Meeri Anneli :: Moofus
Natalie Perkins :: Nicholas R Eagar :: Paula Mills
Rebecca Murphy :: Susan Simonini :: Terry Chisholm

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