November 2010 Gift Guide: Christmas Decor

Our new gift guide for November is all things Christmas Decor! Every month we have guest contributors sharing their top 6 favourite indie design & art online picks from both Australia and around the world on our Gift Guides. Our guest contributors have scoured their favourite online shops to bring you the below – Enjoy!

Frankie Ratford‘s top 6 picks for November:

1. Rindd Tree by Buro North
2. Belle Garland by Frazier & Wing
3. Three card minimalist ironic variety pack by Steveroggenbuck
4. Twenty Tissue Pom Kit from Prosttothehost
5. Barbershop mono wrapping paper by Lox and Savvy
6. Christmas Creatures by Mibo

Liss Winnel from Daydream Lily’s top 6 picks for November:

1. Christmas Decorations by Paper Boat Press
2. Holiday Greeting Card by Jackie Peppermint
3. Blue Blossom Bow Ring by Hunter Gatherer
4. Dishes Id Rather Be Doing by Dear Colleen
5. Players Welcome Flag  by Pony Rider
6. Vixen Christmas Card Pack by Kelly Smith

Tabitha Emma‘s top 6 picks for November:

1. Original Cake Bunting Fawn by KikLaRu
2. Aqua Flower Motif Cross Stitch by You Heart Us
3. Letterpress Holiday Gift Flags by In Haus Press
4. Birdie gift tags by Skinny Laminx
5. Sweet paper garland by 3 Girls and a goat
6. Lavender-filled Giant Felted Acorns by Delica

Sarah Thornton‘s top 6 picks for November:

1. Gocco Owl Decorations by Tabitha Emma
2.  Moravian Coloured Stars by Upon a Fold
3. Happy & Free Holiday Cards by Melangerie
4. Hand printed ribbon by Little Jane St
5. Joyful flock card by Poppies for Grace
6. Merry Xmas card by Snowfold

Renee Baker‘s top 6 picks for November:

1. Vintage Button Star Ornament by Paper Boat Press
2. Sewing Pattern Manilla Tags by Emerald and Ella
3. PP Scales Medium Chrissi by Polli
4. 12 Pack Letterpress Alphabet Tags by Bespoke Press
5. Tree Limited Edition Artwork by Me and Amber
6. Character Cat Cards by Sunday Morning Designs

Lauren Carney‘s top 6 picks for November:

1. Christmas Holiday Adhesive Wall sticker by Mae
2. Christmas Gift Tag 8 Pack by Pocket Carnival
3. Woodland Fox Forest Animal Bookend by Christie Wernert
4. Lavender Scented Bird Decoration by Edward and Lilli
5. Christmas Card ‘Mistletoe’ (Girl Version) by Able and Game
6. Husky Print by Sarah McNeil


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