August 2010 Gift Guide: Print & Pattern

Our new gift guide for August is all things inspired by Print & Patterns. This theme was a fun one to get creative with! With prints & patterns bringing together both mismatched patterns and complimentry colours. Every month we have guest contributors sharing their top 6 favourite indie design & art online picks from both Australia and around the world on our Gift Guides. Our guest contributors have scoured their favourite online shops to bring you the below – Enjoy!

Tanya Ruxton from We Are Messengers top 6 picks for August:

1. Freewheelin print by Naomi Murrel
2. Pretty Vintage Floral Garland by Paperklip Design
3. Wattle Vase by Augus and Celeste
4. Tea Time Print by Bindi Booth
5. Bright Ideas Notebook by La Rara
6. Petula Tea Towel by Printink

Renee Anne‘s top 6 picks for August:

1. Letter B Poster Print by draw! pilgrim
2. Cheater Mint Fabric by Aunty Cookie
3. Rice Paper Tape – Lime Strip Set by Blossom Creations
4. 3*fold neon green circle card by Lox+savvy
5. Patchwork Pillow by Moose and Bird
6. She’ll Be Apples Card by Naomi Murrell

Alischa Herrmann from Bespoke Letterpress top 6 picks for August:

1. Zurich Purse by Sisken
2. Feather Throw Cushion by Elkhorn
3. Girl on Mountain top by Nikki Catalano
4. Baby Boat Mobile by Made by Mosey
5. Wolf Girl Print by Tabitha Emma
6. Zebra and Girls print by Kareena Zerefos

Kelly White from Made by White top 6 picks for August:

1. “You’re all sorts of lovely” card by Able and Game
2. Aunt Mabel’s handbag brooch by Betty jo
3. Ribbons cushion by pony rider
4. Calico tote by Blink Designs
5. Kewpie doll studs by Liana Kabel
6. Rainbow diary cover by Scotatto

Jordan Clarke’s top 6 picks for August:

1. Red ‘Orchard’ hand-printed teatowel by Pippijoe
2. Orange, Green and Yellow Pencil Set by MissIsa
3. Birch Forest Cushion Cover by Buttongrass
4. Pink Flower Brooch by Alfalfa
5. Field of Flowers Coin Purse by SeventhSphere
6. Organic Hand Screenprinted Rooftops Fabric by Lara Cameron

Sarah Thornton from the Finders Keepers top 6 picks for August:

1. Home, Sweet Home cushion by Aunty Cookie
2. Vintage Fabric Super Clutch by Kitty Came Home
3. Poppy Tea Towel ‘Dandy’ by Puddin’ Head
4. Cushion Cover by Spin Spin
5. Marmalade Tea Towel Pack by Printink Studio
6. Lovely Folk print by Naomi Murrell


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