Featured Designers: Dreamers and Believers

FK talks to Stacia from Sydney’s Dreamers and Believers who will be debuting their range at the upcoming Sydney Markets.

Tell us about Dreamers and Believers and the concept behind it.
An art collective based in Sydney, Dreamers and Believers is the brainchild of Dinta Jakile and Stacia Hadiutomo. Two best friends since design school that work together creating variety of projects with ‘FUN’ as its main theme. Our obsession with dreams and colours has really come to life in our pieces with the brightly colored pompoms strung artfully on chains.

How did you meet, what are your backgrounds and how have you found working together?
Me (Stacia) and Dinta have been working on a lot of projects together, mostly for fun. It started simply by sharing the same interest of all things nice and artistics. Dinta learned jewellery before so she’s more of an expert. I deal more on the graphic sides. There’s a good combination here. We learned a lot from each other. We would start working together kicking ideas around over a bottle of red wine or over a long random bike ride and see how far we could push an idea and then see if we could pull it off. Magically we always do!

Who and what inspires your work?
There’s one saying that it’s better to dream when you’re awake. And that actually work for us. We got a lot of inspirations from our dreams and obsessions, conversation, our friends, talented people, music, colours, old pictures, red wine, giggles, late night talks, concerts. We went to see Goldfrapp the other day. They blew our mind and that’s where we got our inspiration on using pompoms in our collections.

What was the inspiration behind starting Dreamers & Believers and what is the story behind the name?
We believe in our dreams and our passion. We believe in ourselves and each other. We believe in individuality & creative open mindedness. We decide what we want to be and we try not to let anything interfere our dream. In our work, we always try in every way to create what we ‘feel’ for. Sometimes we think, sometimes we don’t. We don’t over think. We are a dreamer and we are a believer.

Where do you hope to grow Dreamers & Believers to and where would you love to see it in the future?
To keep doing what we like and people keep enjoying what we do. An exhibition/installation for our artworks would be superb. To work with the people who inspire us. To keep working together and produce more interesting pieces that would inspire people.

What can we expect to discover at your stall at the Sydney Finders Keepers?
You would see a whole bunch of pompom madness, colourful props and friendly faces. We will also be introducing our new collection, “Climb The Tree, See The World”. Don’t forget to say hi.


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