Featured Artist: Marcela Restrepo

FK talks to Sydney artist Marcela Restrepo, who was featured at the last Sydney Finders Keepers event about her work.

How long have you been making artworks and how did you get started?
I always liked drawing but while I was doing my Graphic Design degree in Colombia and some years of professional practice in this area I was a bit away from it. It was only about two years ago after I did some short courses at COFA in Sydney that I felt confidant and fell in love with this type of work.
Then I joined the Jacky Winter Group and since then I have received enough illustration commissions to quit my design job and give this a go… I am so happy, I don’t want to look back!

How would you best describe your style of work?

I was asked this question once and it was easier to answer quoting what Leo Espinosa (an illustrator/designer I admire very much) said about my illustrations. He said they were “delicate with a melancholic equilibrium between the nostalgia for the past and the contemporary”. I like that perception!

What mediums do you like to work with and what areas do you like to explore?

I can’t live without good old pencils with which I do the line work of my drawings, Then I explore manually with different textures to finally put everything together in the computer adding some colour.
I also love to add text and type to the drawings. I guess  it’s something I bring from my design background.

What inspires your work?
I believe the main ingredient in my drawings is the everyday life.

How would you describe your creative process?
I often struggle for inspiration, perhaps it’s because I like to experience things personally to draw them. This sometimes is tricky for commercial work but once I am over this stage work is pure pleasure.

How has your journey been as an artist in Sydney?
It’s been great, especially since I Joined the Jacky Winter Group, just look at the clients I have been working with. It’s been such a great opportunity to be part of fantastic projects. I finally have been able to work in what I enjoy the most with the additional pride of being surrounded by such an excellent group of illustrators.

Where would you like to see your work in the future?
Not sure, I feel I need to keep producing to sum my body of work. I wouldn’t mind doing personal projects with a bigger scale, perhaps, draw a book or such. But first step is to start promoting and adding more works to my online shop.

What keeps you motivated when things are tough?
Eat chocolate like crazy!



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