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FK talks to Jess from In an Instant Photography, about her pop up photoshoot concept and what she’ll be doing at the upcoming Sydney Finders Keepers!

Tell us about the concept of In an instant photography.
It’s about bringing professional studio photography to your event, but not those boring kind of event photoshoots where everyone has to be all stiff and posed, I’m sure most people have experienced this at their highschool formals! My shots are more candid – I love capturing wild expressions, and more fun. I also use party props & different coloured backgrounds, it just makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. I use a vintage Polaroid camera, which works with studio flash, so that’s where I got the whole idea behind the name ‘In An Instant’.  I was having a tough time working out a name for my business, but one morning I woke up very suddenly at 5am and the name just came to me! It brings back the joy of instant film, people love being able to see a physical print just after it’s being shot, there’s something special about it.

What was your inspiration for this concept.
I decided that I would set up a little photoshoot at a birthday I went to mid last year, and then give all the prints as a present. I set up a little background and a light, at first everyone was a little shy about it but then by the end of the night (and after a few drinks) everyone loved it and was really getting into it, I was having so much fun also. When I handed over the photo albums to the birthday boy’s they told me that it was the best gift that they had ever received,  so I thought to myself, “why don’t I start a business shooting events?” I looked into it a bit more, and found that no one was really offering the kind of event photography service, so I decided to go for it!


What is your background and what lead you to putting yourself behind a camera lens?
I studied photography in highschool, I fell in love with it and from there, but it was a toss up between photography & graphic design. I chose design so after year 12 I went on to study Design Fundamental’s at Enmore Design Centre. I knew it wasn’t for me, so 6 months into the course I decided to quit. I was having a major identity crisis at the time and went from wanting to be an archeologist to an event manager! I had even  enrolled into uni, but quit before I started. I remember being at the Come  Together Festival in 2005, I was watching all of the photographers photographing the bands, and I remember thinking “That’s where I want to be.” I was definitely hesitant to follow a career path into photography at
the time, it’s not the ‘safest’ career path, I had heard about other’s doing courses and not finding jobs, but I decided not to let it get to me anymore. I knew that with positive thinking along with my love for photography I knew that I could accomplish my dream. So after quitting my course I bought myself a Nikon F70 film camera and enrolled into Tafe and I haven’t looked back since!

What do you love most about taking photos?

Capturing the moment. That’s really what it’s all about I guess. I love capturing crazy expressions on peoples faces, or when my friends are doing something silly. I like to have my camera ready so that I don’t miss a moment. My friends always tell me that their lives are documented, and it’s true, I bring about 3 camera’s when we go out! At the moment I’m in love with my lomo fisheye, I take it out with me every weekend and get the  best candid shots. I just brought underwater housing for it so bring on summer! I also still love using film. It’s the whole process of winding on the film, winding it back, waiting for the film to be processed and hoping that the shots turned out! There’s nothing worse though than getting exposed film mixed up with unexposed film and not knowing which one is which, actually exposing your film is pretty bad too, I haven’t done thatm since I was 11, I learnt my lesson early on!


07How has the reaction been so far to In an instant?

People love the idea! From the parties that I’ve shot so far, I’ve had a really great response, especially when I whack out the massive Polaroid  camera. They love seeing the photo right away, and being able to hold it in their hands and stick it on their fridge! Everyone’s like “That’s new my Facebook photo!” When I tell people about it they really like the idea, and I’ve got a few people who already want me shooting their engagement parties and wedding receptions. People love professional photo’s of themselves, but not everyone get’s a chance have nice photo’s with their  friends & family. When I’ve shot birthday’s in the past, I like to encourage everyone to get involved so that they have those nice shots
together, and after the shoot they get really excited looking through allthe photo’s together.

What can we expect to discover when you bring in an instant to Finders Keepers?
Expect a few different coloured backdrops, a studio light, lot’s of props to choose from as well as a seriously cool vintage Polaroid camera that uses colour as well as black and white instant film!


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    This looks so fun! Looking forward to it, for sure. (can i gently suggest looking up how to use the apostrophe, tho for future promo material?)

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