Featured Artist: Schmooks


Tell us a little bit about the world of Schmooks.
Sweet innocence. Playful curiosity.  Inquisitive charm. A touch of mischief and light-hearted fun. Enchanting scenarios and endless adventures featuring an array of bright-eyed characters. Art that evokes the imagination. Each piece has an individual name and little story to provide the viewer with a deeper insight and connection to the work.


What inspired you to choose this craft?
I think it chose me. I’m a completely addicted to illustrating. It’s my one true passion. I’ve always had an insatiable thirst for creating art. As a child I was at my happiest making presents to give to my parents and friends. I use to draw little animals (mainly my pet guinea pigs) and sell them for 20cents to unsuspecting neighbours – as you can imagine sales were slow.
I must admit, I feel extremely lucky to be able to do what I love and find it very satisfying knowing that someone across the other side of the world owns a piece of my work.


What does your workspace look like and what things are you constantly surrounded with?
My creative world centres around my computer, we have a bit of a love/hate relationship.  I work in ‘organised mess’ and there is always an overflow of used coffee cups (I drink way too many of those!) as I usually work late into the night. My office is full of magazines, textiles and postage materials. On my walls I now have a collection beautiful pieces of art from an array of talented female illustrators.


Where do you find your inspiration?
A lot of my inspiration comes from my little son. His innocence and inquisitive charm is very enchanting. He has an amazing imagination and I draw on his world of make believe to fuel my work. The happy memories from my own childhood also have a strong influence on my work, as does my love of fabrics and textures.


How long did it take to perfect your style and create your signature characters?
Schmooks began with a series of cards I designed for friends and family. I had a really good response and so I decided to develop the characters further. From this I created a series of playful artworks, which are now part of my Schmooks collection.


Where would you like to see Schmooks in the future?
My next project is developing some of the characters into a series of children’s books and exhibiting overseas. However for Schmooks itself – wherever the adventure takes me!


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