Featured Designer: Me & oli

Lalita from me & oli shares some Q&A’s with Finders Keepers – her debut range was first launched at the Sydney Dec 08 Markets.

What was the inspiration with starting Me & Oli?
A boy named oli, never saw him again but loved the idea of that heady mix of adventure & exploring something new.

What kind of product falls under the Me & Oli label?
Illustrations! on super delicious silk cotton blend clothing, on stationery, outlined in lasercut jewellery & sculpted into little pendants.

What is your design background and what has helped you get to where you are today?
How I got here? exploring, trial & error & working overtime…with love, hate, passion & determination. I studied media arts and marketing, then worked as a web designer, then went back to study fashion at east sydney. The environment at college was, amongst other things, incredibly creative and inspiring – learning in the historical, vast sandstone walled compounds of the national art school probably had something to do with it! Then I worked as a design assistant to Shona Joy who taught me so much about the running of a fashion label. Invaluable.
Then I spent a year in Bangkok where resources are endless and environment vibrant and rich with texture…and voila! me & oli was born. It has to be said, having an inspiring and
astoundingly supportive hubby goes along way too!

How has the journey of starting your own business been so far?
It’s only the very beginning but it’s been pretty good so far! Having the opportunity to debut the first me & oli collection at the finders keeper’s first market gave the business a massive boost! Not only has it brought me & oli in contact with a wide, wonderful audience it also opened up so many different opportunities for the label.

What are your goals and dreams for the future of Me & Oli?

To continue exploring textile design through illustration & for me & oli to go on adventures around the world!

What other areas of design and art inspire you?
Anything and everything you can find that gives that sense of amazement…or makes you laugh. Books, nature, textured alleyways around the world, old pubs & old haunts also inspire!


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