Featured Designer: Lox + Savvy

Lisa Loxley from Lox + Savvy shares some Q&A’s with Finders Keepers..

What is apart of the Lox + Savvy range?
Fun+quirky, stylish+classic, old+new, my card and stationery collection features a range of unique and creative designs that venture from barbershop stripes to hand-sewn buttons.
Each range has its own story and mixes the best of vintage style with contemporary lines materializing in lovely and individual matching sets of greeting cards, gift tags, envelopes, wrapping paper and stationary. The collection is defined by its attention to detail, individual designs and specially selected printing processes.

What is the inspiration behind Lox + Savvy?
Inspiration for each range comes from a love of everything old and new again – style’s of the by-gone era, diversely textured and high quality paper stocks combined with an array of bold colours, striking lines, natural fibre fabrics and vintage highlights reflect the spirit of my creations.

Tell us a little bit about your background and what made you start what you do?
I grew up surrounded by family within the paper and printing industries (over four generations in the family!) which are all creative in their own unique way; so it was inevitable that I would be fond of all things paper! After completing a graphic arts apprenticeship, as well as a short stint in a design college, I opened up my own graphic design business, which I still run today – This has then led me to the evolving Lox+Savvy. My collection of cards and paper goods has then started with this life-long love of paper, design and printing, and the passion to want to produce quality paper-based stationery collections, which feature some form of a renewable resource throughout each range.

What have you learnt most about having a business?
Being new to it all, there are so many hours and time you have to put in, to get your feet off the floor, but hopefully all worth it if your determined! The ability to be self-driven may go without say, as well as being open-minded to the ideas of who or what may cross your path.

What other areas of design inspire you?
I really love vintage 60’s and 70’s furniture & object design; the bold colours, interesting shapes and unusual products are an integral part of my life, and inspiration! All other forms of design, whether it be graphic, fashion, interior design or architecture have their place, in the spirit of each of my collections!

What words of advice do you have for other people starting out?
Patience and persistence really are your virtue. There are the constant challenges that face you day to day, yet if you are passionate about what you love – hard work really will bring you luck! You’re also very fortunate if you’re surrounded by an amazing support network that believe in what you do, and who are there to keep you on life’s carousel.


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