The design process with The Rest & Inke Packaging

Last year we held a competition in collaboration with our 2021 creative partner, Inke Packaging. The competition was held on Instagram encouraging small businesses to enter and go in the draw to win a prize of 100 custom-designed boxes! The lucky winner was Bendigo-based bedding and sleepwear label, The Rest. We caught up with founder Lotte just before the Melbourne/Naarm Market to hear about the experience of creating her own custom packaging, the story behind her business and how she includes her brand story into the look and feel of her packing. It’s all part of the buyer’s experience and we think her final packaging design beautifully compliments her thoughtful products.

This small business life is a wild, hectic ride, especially the last couple of years, but sometimes you hit these wonderful highs, like I did last year, when I was lucky enough to win the @finders_keepers x @inke.packaging giveaway.

Lotte, Founder of The Rest

Tell us a little bit about how “The Rest” came to life and where the inspiration was born…

The rest started just before my second son was born, as a mum with little kids, you feel like you’re in a constant state of exhaustion. I had completed an industrial design degree and wanted to tie this in with motherhood somehow. Sleep being a huge part of that, I decided to create products that related to rest and sleep, while also including my love for graphic design, initially starting with bedding and then evolving to sleepwear. It’s been so much fun and offered so much flexibility with now 3 boys.

What inspired your packaging design?

With the brand, we try to be simple with an element of fun and whimsy. The box is quite natural and simple to look at and then the inside has one of our popular prints. We like to focus on natural fibres, and organic cotton with all our products and an untouched natural outer reflects that.

What was the design process like with Inke Packaging?

The process was super easy, the template was easy to understand and gave clear direction on placement and the overall look.

What was your favourite part?

Coming up with different ideas was the most enjoyable part and while the design is quite simple, I think it really reflects our brand of being sophisticated with an element of fun, when opening the box.

What does good packaging mean to you?

I think good packaging is a good balance of many things. There needs to be an element of pleasant surprise, with a touch of luxe, while also being sustainably aware and eco-friendly. You want to feel like time and thought went into presenting the goods to the receiver and showing the brand cares about their product, without sacrificing the planet in the process.

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A mega thanks to Lotte of The Rest for sharing your experience and to the legends at Inke Packaging for supporting small businesses and their creative skills in making boxes ever so cool.

Make your own packaging with Inke here.

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