A Brisbane Weekend with Rachael Sarra of Sar.ra

Written by Rachael Sarra
on 31 October, 2019

After taking part in our Sydney AW19 Indigenous Program we are feeling very lucky to have Racheal Sarra of Sar.ra return at Finders Keepers for the first time in her hometown of Brisbane!
Support this booming and very highly coveted artist next weekend October 8-10 back at The Marquee, Brisbane Showgrounds and keep reading for a look at Brisbane through the eyes of Rachael!

If you still hungry for more be sure to visit our interview with Sarra from earlier in the year too!

What’s does a weekend in Brisbane look like for you?

Honestly, my weekdays and weekends blend into one sometimes with work. But when I’m not working I love to hang out with my 18-month-old niece. Mostly to get my baby fix and then give her back when the nappy needs changing (haha). And I also love to hang out with my friends. Those almost always means brunch, lunch or dinner. Sometimes all three if we’ve got lots to talk about. A favourite brunch/lunch spot would be Hunter and Scout in Graceville. It’s also super close to the flower markets at Rocklea if you are there on a Saturday.

Sar.ra stall at Finders Keepers Indigenous Program Sydney SS19 – captured by Samee Lapham
Sar.ra stall at Finders Keepers Indigenous Program Sydney SS19 – captured by Samee Lapham

How does your city inspire you and what do you love about it the most? 

I love Brisbane weather. I travel a fair bit with my work but it never gets old flying home over the Maiwar (Brisbane River) and touching down to beautiful weather. I also think Brisbane flies a bit under the radar. It’s kind of the underdog of capital cities. I find that inspiring because there’s so much beauty here in our own way that we get to enjoy that without being super busy.

Tell us about your workspace. Where is it, what does it look like and how does it keep you motivated?

The million-dollar question that always comes up. But the reality is currently it’s not very instagramable. I have so many different facets to my business, my products are just one part of that. But I am also a commercial artist, graphic designer, and speaker. So my job can have me traveling all over Australia. With that, I am quite adaptable to my workspace. It can be cafes, airports, hotels or libraries. But when I’m painting and making at home it’s usually outside amongst the greenery. I definitely have on my list of things to do to find a studio space that feels really special but I’ve yet to find that space that feels right.

Who’s on your not-to-miss list for the upcoming Brisbane SS19 Finders Keepers?

Oh Em Gee definitely! You can’t miss her pink stall. Maybe that’s why I love her work. Obviously the Jericho Road Clothing sisters. I feel like you just have to be near them to feel their beautiful and energetic energy. And also, Blackinkk. Varun and I might have something special up our sleeves coming soon.

What’s your fave mode of transport to take in the Brisbane sights?

Well, I am might be biased but there are two beautiful Brisbane City buses scooting around with my artwork on them πŸ™‚ They are definitely instagramable. I don’t think you can go past a trip on the City Cat even if there’s no real destination in mind. You know what they say… sometimes the journey is better than the destination!

Can you share your top three tips for Out-of-Towners visiting The Marquee, Brisbane Showgrounds for the Finders Keepers weekend?

Okay so in my opinion there’s a very right and efficient way to do the markets. Plus it helps if you are working within a budget. First, you have to do a recee lap. So you do your thing up one side then the other and ‘browse’. This way you don’t miss out on anything. Keep in mind who your favs are because after you stop for a snack it’s down to business and you go and give your fave stallholders some love and buy your fave products. Luckily, Brissy is right next door to a pretty cool precinct. So once you’re done at the markets you only have to walk across the road for more delicious food and drinks. I’d recommend Fat Dumpling on King Street. YUUUUM!

From all accounts you’ve been talking, painting and colouring the town pink (literally) from collaborations with Brisbane City Council, Pep and Ted talks and your own work going strength to strength! What is it you love about being a creative person and how do you go about designing work across so many mediums? 

I’m tired just reading this haha. It’s been quite the year and we still have a big few months ahead. Having so many different facets to my business is definitely exciting but it also has its challenges. I definitely wouldn’t change it though because my job is taking me around Australia and I get to connect with so many different people, businesses and agencies. I’m able to express myself and celebrate my culture in whatever way I feel inspired so the freedom and flexibility that comes with it is a special feeling. As for working across mediums, that’s what makes it so excited. Being a Gemini I get bored easily if I’m doing the same task, so it’s nice to mix it up.

“Sometimes it’s just about playing around and winging it”

Rachael Sarra

What are you working on at the moment and what can visitors expect to discover at your stall at the upcoming Brisbane Markets?

Well, you’ll discover me, so make sure you come and say hi πŸ™‚ I’ve been working a new range of limited edition prints, tees, totes, and pins. I’m also releasing a new keyring. It has both the meeting place and the people symbol dangling off it πŸ™‚


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