Five Questions With Posie

Written by Casie and Ash
on 05 June, 2019

Say hello to our Byron neighbours Posie. Laid back makers Cassie and Ash put stories into their scents, making them all the more special and collectable. Their beautiful candles aren’t all that’s on offer this season either, something new and compact is launching at Finders Keepers Brisbane – keep reading to smell out what’s in the making!

Posie debuted many moons ago at Finders Keepers SS15! How did you come to be a seller at Finders Keepers? Can you tell us about your journey so far and how your Byron-based business has grown?  

We first visited a Finders Keepers market whilst living in Sydney during Posie’s infancy. After walking away from such a well curated design event, we knew the space would be the perfect opportunity to expose our product and introduce our brand to the marketplace.

When we debuted, we were blown away by the response to our candle scents and collections. This experience only reinforced for us that Posie had the potential to be more than just a side project, but a brand that we could shape and leave our own fingerprint on.

Our journey has been slow and steady, and the business has evolved organically. With limited resources on start-up, whilst at the time still working our own time jobs.  We put every spare minute and $ back into the business.

Over the years we’ve grown via our presence at Finders Keepers, online, social media, collaborations and partnering with stockists around Australia who align with our brand and ethos.

We love to hear what our stallholders have planned for Finders Keepers, any hints on exclusives or new releases?  

We are very excited to be launching Posie’s own perfume oil fragrance. This is something we’ve been wanting to work on for quite some time so we’re super excited and look forward to seeing how it’s received at The Finders Keepers.

We also have a new candle blend UME, pronounced ‘Oo-mee’. We recently travelled around Japan and spent some time in Kyoto. A city full of old world charm, traditional buildings, narrow laneways lined with flowering plum blossoms (which actually means UME in Japanese), whose tea culture is a huge part of their daily ritual. So, UME is our new oriental, floral and herbaceous blend of white tea infused with golden buds of chrysanthemum and sweet plum that invite memories of our time in Kyoto.

Photos captured by Samee Lapham at Finders Keepers Sydney AW19

Your range is inspired by a love of travel, design and the simple things. How does living in Byron influence your work?

It comes as no surprise that Posie’s creation coincided with our sea change to Byron and letting go of city life. In addition to our own memories and experiences we definitely embrace and draw on the natural beauty around the many surrounding suburbs of Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers.

One of our best-selling blends YEN was created with Byron Bay in mind. YEN means to ‘yearn’ and felt this apt when trying to communicate the meaning of this special place to us and how we find ourselves always longing for home when we’ve been away for too long.

What’s the perfect way to wind back and relax with Posie, can you paint the ideal scene for us?

We love hearing stories of how our scents resonate in such different and personal ways with the people who burn our candles.

Their ability to add a sense of nostalgia to spaces and bring with them their own memory in that moment.

With this in mind, creating the ideal way to relax can be as simple as finding the scent that encapsulates this for you and lighting your candle. There is no unique approach to taking ‘time out’ and the simplest of rituals like burning a candle can create a moment of peace. 

We love that Posie has a range of reusable vessels and your beliefs extend to keeping trade; fair, cruelty free and sustainable for the environment. How else do you incorporate ‘keeping’ into your everyday life?

We think “keeping” extends to mindfulness and we try to use this approach in the way we consume. By paying attention to the products that we use, where they’re sourced and how. We’ve found purchasing small and local there is much more transparency in knowing where products are coming from.

 We grow a lot of our own veggies and herbs, but we’re lucky where we live on the Northern Rivers we have amazing access to local produce and weekly farmers markets.

We’re always trying to focus on reducing and not using single use plastics. We’ve found the Finders Keepers market is rich in sustainable brands that we’ve discovered and started using over the years. Beeswax wraps by Apiary Made, reusable water bottles by Earth Bottles, ceramic keep cups by Arcadia Scott, ethically and locally made clothing by Akazi, handmade jewellery by Ada Hodgson, and the list goes on….

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