SS18 Featured Stallholder: Eggpicnic

Written by Chris and Camila
on 22 November, 2018

Eggpicnic pictured out front of their artwork commissioned by City of Sydney. Image credit by Katherine Griffiths/City of Sydney


If ever there was a better idea that came from an egg picnic in Milan, we would love to hear about it because this story has us swooning. We took some time out from market madness to breath in the calm & pure goodness that is Eggpinic. This clever duo have some wise words in their picnic basket but also create art we love. Producing out of their studio in Darlinghurst, Camila and Chris have become a bridge – “between the wild and humans, between NGOs and citizens and between science and art.”

Read all about this amazing business and get excited for Finders Keepers Sydney SS18 where you can take home your own piece of the story. 

Tell us more about the story behind Eggpicnic? Who creates the illustrations? Where is the business based? Is it a full-time gig?

Eggpicnic was born in Milan when I moved in with Chris, as I had to leave my old place so arrived with a basket full of eggs some friends had left behind. We boiled, scrambled and poached them and went on a picnic to Parco Sempione, where we decided for the first time to join our abilities in graphic and product design with our love for the natural world.

We then moved to Chile and started doing a series of experiments in design that were guided by what we believed in and by what we felt was important to communicate to the world. When we moved to Sydney we felt it was time to use this as a base to grow and transform Eggpicnic into a platform in which we could offer high-end quality products to our customers while educating and telling a story. We became a bridge, between the wild and humans, between NGOs and citizens and between science and art.

I (Camila) create the illustrations and together we produce all the work in-house in our studio in Darlinghurst, now running full-time in the heart of Sydney.

Pink Robin artwork by Eggpicnic

Eggpicnic’s studio/showroom, featuring over 100 bird species

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo portrait in St Peters, Sydney – by Eggpicnic

Tell us about your inspiration for creativity?  Is there a Finders Keepers designer who you admire?

Nature has the right to exist, not for what it can do for us, it just has the right to exist. That inspires us to create. It also comes from our fascination of learning. We work with scientists, collaborate with other designers, and have created a network of like-minded people from different fields from which our projects stem.

We fuse design and conservation to talk about our unique fellow species in order to inspire change in people’s hearts and minds. We believe we are all capable of shifting the future and that education is fundamental in doing so. If you can reach people you can change and empower them. Learning to observe and think like designers lead us to create a hybrid between our two fields of interest.

We love the work of our fellow creatives Outer Island and Jeff McCann, both so mindful of their design and production processes, with values that align with ours.

Birds of Australia by Eggpicnic, part of the City of Sydney’s Creative City Hoardings. Kent St, Sydney.

Eggpicnic’s migratory shorebirds at Sydney Olympic Park.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

The moment I first stood in front of our hoardings in the city. Getting a city to believe in our work and actively support it was a milestone for us. We thought “this is it, the beginning of something really important”, a responsibility, an opportunity to involve the entire community and to transform Eggpicnic into something greater than a design studio, but a way of viewing the world.

Princess Parrot especially created for Finders Keepers artist collaboration for SS18 season’s decor.


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