Five Questions With Tinfoil Collective


Image features Cara Face Cushion from Tinfoil Collective’s first collection with High Horse

Tinfoil Collective will be setting up shop for the very first time at our Sydney market next weekend.  To celebrate, we’ve asked Hobart locals Ruth and Rosie, the BFFs behind the collective, a few questions about their label, their inspirations and what their favourite picks would be from their gorgeous collection of goodies.  

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to begin your label.
We’re Ruth and Rosie.  We’ve been colleagues and friends for many years and started our first label, Flock of Two, in 2014.  The tinfoil collective is an extension of Flock of Two, born from our desire to explore different creative mediums and engage with the creative talent that we are surrounded by here in Hobart.  Basically, it allows us to play with our friends while making products that we love and hope that others will love too.


image features Tinfoil Collective members,’ Flock of Two’ tassels and purses and Bon Mot print and card

Who inspires you and your creative process?
In the wider world of design we are both inspired by different stylistic forms and people.  There are, of course, designers that we both admire (Beci Orpin, Lisa Gorman, Megan Morton).  On a more immediate and local level there are so many things about being based in Hobart – both people and spaces – that we draw inspiration from.  Our studio is in the Salamanca Arts Centre where we are surrounded by painters, jewellers, ceramicists, graphic artists, textile designers and film makers so we are constantly exposed to many forms of artistic practice.  One of the great things about working collaboratively with others is being a part of these different creative processes.


image features ‘Shelf Life’ acrylic earrings hand drawn and made by tinfoil collective


image features Umble drop earrings by tinfoil collective

Name one resource that your label could not live without.
Location, location, location!  The creative hub that is the Salamanca Arts Centre, where our studio is, has been a constant source of creative inspiration and peer support.

And our Soda Stream machine – hydration is key!


Image features Face tote and coin purses by Tinfoil Collective


Image features coin purses by Tinfoil Collective

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.
Can we say all of them?  Okay, if we have to pick, I think we both love the Cara Face Cushion from our first collection with High Horse.  From the new At the End of the Garden range (launching at Sydney AW16 Finders Keepers, April Market) the drop earrings are all kinds of amazing!  You just can’t go wrong with glitter and mirror.


image features Ruth & Rosie of tinfoil collective

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