Featured Product: Original Art by Chocolate Einstein


Image features Premonition – painted by Chocolate Einstein

Since joining the Finders Keepers market circuit, Nick from Chocolate Einstein has earned a reputation for being a bit of a legend.  He made his Finders Keepers debut in Brisbane earlier in the year, with his eclectic collection of fashionable tracksuits for kids.   After this experience he figured that expanding his market offerings to include the artwork that inspired the fabrics might be worth trying out.

We are so glad he did, as here you can see the collection bright, playful, original artworks by Chocolate Einstein!  Sure, they look pretty sweet online, but you’ve got to check out the real thing to understand the true vibrance of these paintings!  Lucky for you,  you’ll be able to do so at our Sydney market, in just a few days time!


Image features paintings – by Chocolate Einstein


Image features One of a kind – painted by Chocolate Einstein

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