Featured Designer: Kinetic Patterns


FK chats to Puneet of contemporary & innovative jewellery label Kinetic Patterns!

Tell us about your label Kinetic Patterns and what the concept is behind it?
Kinetic means Movement & Pattern as a design/Motif. Each piece has some kind of movement in it. Some move freely & some you move and create different designs out of one pattern. The basic concept is to wear one piece in varying styles and emote fun with fashion! The wearer is a part of my design as it depends upon her  and what design she wants to wear each day!

What is your background and how did you get started working with jewellery?
After completing my bachelor’s degree in Arts in 2004, I started designing jewellery as a hobby which developed into a great passion. I came to Australia to study jewellery in Box Hill Institute of Tafe in 2008 and understood jewellery in a contemporary form. For me, jewellery meant only gold & diamonds but here I learned jewellery as a concept. When we were given assignments, I always experimented to make kinetic jewellery which can morph into varying forms. Somehow I was never able to make just one piece; it had to have something more!



Can you tell us more about the process of making 3d patterns? And what are some of the challenges?
My designs are categorized into Geometric & Floral patterns. There are 3-5 copies of one motif which are joined at one point through fine silver tube rivet. Each layer can rotate 360 degrees creating varying configurations. The more number of layers made means the more different combinations possible. So a five layer pendant can be worn in almost 22 different designs!
Movement causes wear & tear and if handled roughly it may break. So my initial challenge was to select a material which has enough friction and durability. Another challenge was to make it move the way I want. It took a lot of time to understand different materials and how they respond to movement.
How has your creative style developed over time? and what inspires your work?
Initially I made kinetic jewellery using sterling silver wire and bending it to different shapes. To make complex forms, I learned 3d designing which helped me make many patterns in very less time. I started with Kinetic Pendants made in 4-5 layers which further developed into kinetic neck pieces. As a designer I feel I need to provide my clients what they want. Some people said they wear only earrings. So I converted few neck pieces into earrings which led to whole new range of earrings. So it’s the constant feedback and response of people, inspiring me to experiment with new ideas and changing existing ones.
Some people say they want big statement neck pieces and some want small elegant pendants. I try my best to cater to every person looking at my work.




What is your creative workspace like, and what inspires you about your surroundings?
My workspace is my home which fills me with creative ideas all the time. I have a separate designing room and a separate manufacturing room. I always carry pen and paper with me to note down an idea that erupts in my mind. It’s funny but I am constantly designing at the back of my mind. There is so much to be inspired from our surroundings. I see patterns everywhere around me – on my bed sheet, pillow cover, dinner set, shoes, furniture, clothes, fly screen and messy wires!
What new plans do you have for Kinetic Patterns this year?
I am introducing Kinetic Brooches soon as few people asked for brooches last year. I have been working on pendulum movement so there will be brooches & earrings which do pendulum movement when the wearer moves.  Also I’m launching new colors like pink & purple by the end of February and adding other materials to string instead of silver chains.



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