Featured Shop: Ganim’s Store

FK chats with Australian design icon Rae Ganim about her amazing new Melbourne venture, Ganim’s Store 

You’re a Australian design icon within the textile and fashion world. What was the motivation to open your shop after 40 years in the business?
Iʼve always been interested in design, product, and product development, making things, if you like. For the last few years Iʼve been working in forecasting and colour, with a highly creative team. Iʼve also travelled extensively looking at new product movements, and the ʻcontextʼ in which they are presented. Iʼm interested in these new currents, and the ideas behind them. Thereʼs a lot of great design work going on both here and overseas. And itʼs very accessible. Yes, some high end, but also some small makers doing interesting things . These products have a point of view. I want to propose different points of view. Also to group items together in unexpected ways to tell new stories, often with humour. Itʼs a little bit theatre. The thinking is a bit like a magazine, which will change like a gallery, and sell like a store. So, I will have themes, but I will also carry certain continuing lines .

What labels & product do you currently stock and what are you always searching for?
I stock products from different countries, as well as goods made in Australia.

You launched late last year – what have some of the highlights been so far?
Iʼve only been open 4 months, though it seems like a year or more. The main highlight has been working with passionate people – customers and their interest in many of the products and suppliers Iʼm passionate about. Suppliers Iʼve met, whoʼve become friends, while sharing their skills, – Joost environmental gardener extraordinaire, Earl Carterʼs photography and great eye, Lucy Folkʼs food inspired jewellery, and Beci Orpinʼs charming graphics, to name a few.

Who are some of your favorite overseas designers and labels?
Paola Navone – we stock her dinnerware. She designs with great humour. The brand Dibbern, with itʼs beautiful quality and all those colours, wow! Bruno Munari publishers, Corraini from Milan. Local Tjanpi desert weavers. Mat & Vanessa from Melbourne Rooftop Honey.

What do you love most about Fitzroy (VIC)?
I love the mix, old and new, smart and down at heel. Itʼs all here, and itʼs interesting and inspiring.

Who are the team behind the store and what are their roles?
My team is small. My family, who designed the fit-out, the weaving and the graphics for the store, and a group of like minded friends, who help keep shop, publish copy and images, supply music and generally exchange ideas.

What inspires you about your surroundings and what other aspects about Melbourne do you love?
Melbourne is a fantastic city. Itʼs sophisticated, but it also has a certain freshness. I think this is a very Australian characteristic, which you feel very strongly when you come back to Australia after travelling. Itʼs physically beautiful with its parks and gardens. The food is as good as anywhere in the world. Thereʼs much happening creatively. Itʼs an exciting place to be right now.

What new things can we expect to see at Ganim’s Store in 2012?
New things in 2012 – Iʼd like to work with more local designers. I have some ideas for a theme based on food, that we are talking about for the middle of the year. I also would like to do some more customer focused events.

All the specific details
61 Brunswick Street,
Fitzroy VIC 3065
Ph. 03 9416 1001

Opening Hours
Tues- Thurs 11am-5pm
Fri 11am-6pm
Sat 11am-5pm
Sun 12pm-5pm
Closed Monday


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