The Zine Society!

We’re pretty excited to announce that apart of our upcoming Sydney Spring/Summer Markets at CarriageWorks on Dec 2nd & 3rd, we’re hosting an additional feature alongside The Paper Conventionproudly presenting ‘The Zine Society’!

What is the Zine Society? It is a new initiative which SUPPORTS THE ZINE COMMUNITY, and is apart of upcoming Finders Keepers, Sydney 2011.
It is a curated space by Lisa Loxley of The Paper Convention that will feature an array of local, national and international based artists. All submissions will be chosen based on originality of ideas in self-publications, zines, posters, periodicals & paper based novelties.

We’re pretty excited to be able to give this opportunity to the Zine community and also introduce a new feature to our markets that we hope everyone can enjoy!

Submissions are now open! If you are interested in being apart of this, please head over here, and email to request a submission form. Submissions close on Monday 14th November.


  • Hi There!

    Just in regards to the Zine Society submissions, what are we actually allowed to sell other then zines???

    I have a a few prints i would like to sell as well as my zines and my friend who only sells posters/prints would also like to share the stall.

    Is this ok?


    Jonathan Verzosa

  • Finders Keepers says:

    Yes this is fine as it includes of zines, periodicals, posters etc but to you will need to send us an email to so we can send you a submission form to complete before submissions close on 14 November.

  • Hi There!

    I am a curator of the Meraki Gallery in Geelong at the arts development center the Courthouse ARTS. I am also involved in volunteering and orgainising events for youth in Geelong as part of the Courthouse Arts Advisory Panel.

    I am writing to you in regards to the Zine Market we are hosting on the 20th of April. We are providing a free space in our gallery for anyone to show and sell their zines. I was wondering wether your organisation would like to come down to Geelong and be apart of what we are doing down here 🙂

    You guys are very welcome to set up a couple of tables and make your mark on the Geelong zine community. Or even just suggest some artsits/zine makers who would like to be involved perhaps?

    The market would go from 9am until 3pm, so if anyone would like to be apart of it, you can contact me on

    Thanks 🙂

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