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FK talks to Natalie Simpson, owner of Tassie shop, Nest

Tell us a little about your lovely shop, Nest.
Nest is the fruition of a long time dream. The store contains a beautiful and eclectic array of pieces that I both love and desire. It is a gorgeous place to come and enjoy the work of amazingly talented designers and artisans alike and hopefully find something special for every occasion in the process. Nest is a small space that is filled to the brim with wares that are delightful, quirky, and for most part, handmade with love.  The biggest compliment I have ever received was when asked to describe Nest to friends, a young customer recently informed them, “It is the visual experience of listening to Angus and Julia Stone”. How gorgeous is that!

When did you open Nest and what made you pick the location?
The doors flew open in the first week of May 2010. The location was not a hard choice as I’ve lived in Penguin now for nearly 20 years. We are a small, charming, waterfront tourist town with fabulous restaurants and cafes however not a gift store to be seen!  Despite a few naysayers {it won’t take off in such a small town!}, Nest has been welcomed with open arms by locals and tourist alike. I’ve just experienced my first summer and it makes me smile from the inside out when I hear the tourists talking about how lovely everything is. I feel very proud that I have been able to create a space that brings obvious delight to those that visit.

What kind of lovely things can we expect to find in your shop?
You can expect to find a myriad of gorgeous, hand-picked treasures in Nest. From exquisite handcrafted jewellery made from sterling silver, timber, porcelain  or semi precious stones, to beautiful glass beaded bracelets made by a little girl aged 12 (love supporting entrepreneurial young women!).There are Glasshouse candles, soaps and body products, scarfs, stunning leather bags and wallets from Nancy Bird and Elk, Elk jewellery and clothing items, stationery of all descriptions including Ask Alice, Prints by Printspace and Little Branch, cushions, home wares and baby items. Basically I’ve tried to think of every occasion one may need a gift for and then sourced products that can be bought together to create a story.  Everything in the store links back to something else.  By doing this I feel it keeps my small space flowing.

Where do you turn for design inspiration?
Magazines and the internet are a wonderful source of inspiration. I think I’ve been collecting every home magazine ever published since I was in my teens! Since opening the store I have also been introduced to “Blog Land” and could spend hours (if I had the time!) perusing the blogs of others. Nest has a very vintage feel to it so I love losing myself in many of the beautiful images I often see appearing on people’s blogs.

What inspired you to start your own store?
Having a store of my own is something I had been dreaming about for many, many years. I have loved decorating since I was a little girl and whilst at home with my  children I starting my own interior design business. I then went on to manage a new branch of a well known local furniture and home wares store in a suburb nearby, which sadly ended up being sold. I l had loved my job so much that I felt my heart had been ripped out!  When this occurred I was suddenly at a cross road so it wasn’t hard deciding that it was time to do something of my own. I’ve always been very good at creating jobs for myself it seems!  A drive down the main street of Penguin, to find the little store I had always envisaged as my “Nest” was vacant instantly sealed the deal! …I know now it was meant to be.

What is the local art & design scene like in Tasmania?
The local art and design scene in Tassie is incredible! Until I opened Nest I was totally unaware that we had so many extraordinarily talented and creative people out there.  The lovely thing with dealing with local artists is that you actually get to know the person behind the product. I see how passionate they are about their craft and I know instantly that I will be receiving a beautiful, quality product that is filled with this amazing energy.

How do you find new designers/products and what do you look for?
There are several ways I source new products and designers and this includes reading magazines, perusing the internet or by word of mouth. As mentioned before, once I started my blog I was blown away at the community of like minded people out there and the networking that can result because of it. I have found many new lines by following the links of people that I already follow and stock. It is wonderful to see the support and encouragement that is given between fellow designers out there. I am also very lucky to have a network of suppliers that are always sure to tell me when they come across something new and different. This is why I adore working with these wonderful individuals as opposed to larger companies. I have made many lovely new friends.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in stocking at Nest?
I love when I’m contacted by new people to see if I’m interested in stocking them! I am always open to looking at any hand crafted work; however, I must say I am a little fussy when it comes to presentation. I always think to myself, there is a fine line between a product looking professional or not, and I feel it can sometimes be as basic as the way they merchandise their stock. The extra yard that some go to in the packaging they present their wares in can be the “make or break” when it comes to whether or not I decide to stock them.

All the specific details
82 Main Street
Penguin 7316 TAS
Ph: 03 6437 1120
Tues – Fri 10am – 5.30pm
Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm



  • Kelly says:

    I LOVE the white china deer wall mount, can anyone tell me who its by?

  • @Kelly – http://nestpenguin.blogspot.com/…here is her blog perhaps you could ask her yourself.

    So pleased that you have featured a beautiful Tassie shop on your blog….thankyou from the apple isle.

  • Roselyn Gillard says:

    Nest is a beautiful store in our little Paradise – Penguin. Nest is a one stop shop with a gift for everyone. However, be warned! I rarely leave without a treat for myself or a family member. Gorgeous jewellery, unique homewares, desirable leather wallets and bags and too many accessories to mention. I have also scored some one off handmade items made with love, these items often getting flattering comments from others. Nat you have created a valuable haven for locals and tourists to enjoy. See you soon…Roselyn xx

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