Featured Arcade Designer: The Eleventh Hour

FK talks to Sydney based fashion designer Anne from The Eleventh Hour about her current pop up shop space at Gaffa Gallery as part of the Arcade Project which we are hosting up until Christmas.

Tell us about your label.
The Eleventh Hour is a contemporary womens wear label that is based in Sydney. The designs are strong and modern while still retaining a sense of romance and femininity. The Eleventh Hour’s collections are for the modern day woman who thinks about what she wears, appreciates quality in design and workmanship and is not afraid to be a little self indulgent.

What is your background and what lead you to creating your own label?
I remember drawing and designing costumes growing up as a child. One of my earliest childhood memories would be watching traditional Chinese opera with my grandfather and I would often use the costumes as inspiration in my sketches. My passion for design seemed to grow throughout the years and by the end of high school, I knew I wanted to make a career being a designer.
I designed for Kirrily Johnston after graduating from college and worked for her for three years. I was very fortunate as this gave me the opportunity to develop and grow as a designer.
My personal goal has always been to eventually work and design under my own label and working for Kirrily gave me the confidence to do so. I took some time off to travel and see the world and when I returned, The Eleventh Hour was created.

Who or what inspires your work?
My main source of inspiration would be from music. The main inspiration behind the current collection was taken from the song, Modern Romance by the YeahYeahYeahs. I love the narrative of the song and its interpretation of love and romance within the modern world. I think being Sydney born and raised plays a large role to who I am and my design aesthetics as well. I best describe my style as ‘relaxed glamour’ and this can be largely accredited to the laid back fashion approach of Sydney-siders. I want my designs to be directional yet wearable at the same time and I always keep this in mind when designing.

What can we expect to discover in your Arcade Space?
I want the arcade space to represent the label – minimal with finer, subtle details to set it apart. I’m really excited about having my collection displayed in such a beautiful space. I love the interior of the rooms at Gaffa Gallery, so I plan to keep the display quite minimal. I want the clothes to be the main dialogue between the viewer and the space.


To check out The Eleventh Hour’s pop up shop head here for more details.

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