Meet the Team

Who we are

A small and dedicated team of passionate people working hard to ensure our markets run smoothly, look amazing, create a sense of awe and provide support to the design community with heaps of fun in between.

Headed up by Directors and Founders Brooke Johnston and Sarah Thornton from their Byron Bay base, our team works remotely from different locations (don't you just love technology) and we come together around Australia for each of our events.

Sarah Thornton

Co-Director and Co-Founder

With her sidekick Brooke, Sarah helps make the important decisions behind the Finders Keepers. Driving the creative direction, curating all of the events, working on branding and visual imagery and overseeing all event management, marketing and communications; Sarah has a large, multi-faceted, ever growing to do list, with tasks varying from day to day! Sarah's passion is design, community and creative strategy. Where Sarah is very much technology based, her business partner Brooke has a hands on approach, making their partnership entirely synergistic.

Sarah has two kidlets, Lily and Phoenix, and after 30 years of living in Sydney, now resides in the hills of Byron Bay. When she is not travelling for events, working or designing for Polli, she is spending time with her family, preferably outdoors and away (but just temporarily) from technology.

Brooke Johnston

Co-Director and Co-Founder

Brooke works alongside Sarah on all things creative direction, event curation, managing signage, decor, bookings and ensuring all of the important things get done, made and arrive on time! Brooke works a packing list like nobody else, and makes sure our events and team members look beautiful (of course!). Where Sarah has the technical know-how, Brooke will create and execute the plans to make it happen. Brooke has accumulated vast design and manufacturing knowledge, with her eagle eye for detail, and serves to drive the high quality and calibre of our events.

When Brooke isn't working on Finders Keepers, or designing and creating for Polli, you will find her spending time with her young daughter Ginger and her family in the Byron area, cooking delicious meals or enjoying the great outdoors.


Lindsay Pepper

National Events Manager

Lindsay is our newest team member, although her friendly face will have you thinking you've known her in a past life. We're yet to see her go a day without wearing that incredible infectious smile. We're so lucky to have landed such a hybrid powerhouse! Coming to us from a career in managing mammoth events with one of Australia's largest hotel groups to literally growing up with the families design business. Lindsay's skills to support streamlining and success are nothing short of SUPER!

In 2018 Lindsay will welcome her first baby into the world, along with her partner Bryce. We know before too long all three of them will be surfing and sunning there way up and down one of their favourite parts of the great outdoors; Australia's east coast.

Renee Baker

Community and Marketing Manager

Renee is our social media master and is responsible for editing and curating content for our blog and website. She manages our newsletters, advertising bookings, all of our event photographers and connects with our community on a daily basis. Renee loves this community because of one great reason; the people.

When Renee isn't in the land of Finders Keepers, she works on her business DAlton Baker Productions providing mentorship, training, advice and media support to the art and design community of Australia.  Renee also likes to spend time down on the beach, drawing in her sketchbook, and dancing! On weekends you'll find her sitting in cafe's and taking a break from social media feeds with her rescue dog Honey.


Monique Plunkett

communications and marketing specalist 

Monique is our hunter and gatherer of the wonderful content you will read on the Finders Keepers blog, and manages our Design Directory. You'll also recognise her smiling face as one of our Finders Keepers event crew. When working with the Finders Keepers, Monique enjoys meeting the inspiring creative community of sellers.

You may have also seen Monique standing behind some serious greenery at her own stall at the markets, as she runs her own business called Staghorn. Residing in Melbourne, when she's not working she's generally to be found in the great outdoors!

Rachel Kimberley

Community and Customer Support

Rachel provides the much-needed support and assistance to the lovely community of stallholders who participate in our events. Working on accounts, contracts and general communication, she's one seriously busy bee. Working in conjunction with Alischa, Rachel makes sure the designers, artists and food vendors are always kept informed and are very well taken care of.

With a background in the all important not-for-profit sector, Rachel recently relocated to the lush green environs of Byron Bay to escape the chaos of Sydney. When she's not assisting stallholders, you'll find Rachel behind a camera snapping away at her own photography business. For fun and fitness she loves to do a little hula hooping or yoga, or simply spending time in nature. We're so pleased to have Rachel on the team, and we know this lovely community will be equally welcoming!


Annalyse Mcleod

Communications Manager

Annalyse comes to us with a wealth of experience in a variety of communications roles including gigs at Sculpture by the Sea and the Australian Design Centre. Trained in object design and arts marketing, communicating is in Annalyse’s DNA. She's here to support our media and advertising efforts, and brings an incredible passion and appreciation for the transformational power of creativity; and we're all for that!

Annalyse lives in Byron Bay where she manages her own creative communications consultancy that runs the gamut from cultivating pieces of prose to developing strategic vision, and pushing organisations for purpose. Annalyse also moonlights as a yoga teacher. If this mermaid is not in down dog or knee deep in documents you'll most probably find her in the deep blue.