The Finders Keepers Creative Business Summit

The Finders Keepers Creative Business Summit

Courageously Creative

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How can we be courageously creative, build a strong, resilient brand and grow something we love with purpose and profit?
How do we stay authentic and deliver next-level customer service, while keeping our brand small and values driven?

Pre-order your video on-demand of the Creative Business Summit digital content and join us for hours of inspiring content from our line-up of creative small business champions.

Build your skills and add an extra shot of courage to carry your business forward with our Creative Business Summit program available to watch at your own pace online, anytime. Proudly presented by Pin Payments.

Welcome Notes
Dani Venn

Our amazing MC (and Master Chef!) Dani Venn will welcome attendees and set the tone for our day of courageous creativity!

Keynote: Courage & Resilience
Louise Bannister / Lunch Lady

Hear from the creative force behind some of Australia's most loved magazine titles, Louise Bannister, as she shares her creative journey on a not-so-straight road. From starting and producing frankie magazine for 10 years to creating a publishing company, Lou certainly has some small biz wisdom we can all take on.

Panel: Courage, Creativity and coming out on top
hosted by Pru Chapman with Kitiya Palaskas, Frankie Ratford, and Rachael Sarra

Small business mentor extraordinaire Pru Chapman will guide a panel discussion with crafting powerhouse Kitiya Palaskas, designer and adventurer Frankie Ratford, and dynamic creative Rachael Sarra. Our panellists will talk about finding courage in their creative paths and businesses, overcoming fear, adversity and finding strength on hard days.

Keynote: Passion, Purpose and Profit
Adam Jelic / Mi Goals

How do you love what you do, feel that it matters AND make a living from it? Adam knows how to set real-deal goals - and stick to them! Learn from Adam's personal journey of growing his empowering stationery brand Mi Goals into a business that helps people everywhere find their purpose and realise their dreams.

Keynote: How to create an impactful brand (with really good marketing!)
Erin Morris / Young Folks

How do you create an impactful brand and take it to the world with really good marketing? Erin will cover the foundations of brand values, your offering, mission, purpose, and how to get that brand out there with your marketing through strategy, tactics and tips.

Panel: Driving an authentic brand in a world of virtual noise
hosted by Pru Chapman with Anita Siek, Kiah Worling & Odette Barry

Join Pru back in the hot seat as she hosts our second panel with wordsmith Anita Siek, smart tech guru Kiah Worling and master storyteller Odette Barry. This panel discusses what makes a good brand great. The experts weigh in on mastering your operations, purposeful marketing, storytelling and driving authenticity in a world of virtual noise.

Closing Remarks
Dani Venn

For a limited time, you can pre-order with a digital ticket to the Summit at our Early-bird price of $55!

10% of all digital tickets go to disaster relief funds in Northern NSW and SEQ. More info here.



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